Tantra (italo-disco outfit, "Hills of Katmandu")

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(A Place Called) Tarot Tantra 5:49
A Place Called Tarot Tantra GBKAE0400001 10:31
A Place Called Tarot Tantra 15:30
A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys re-edit - DITS edit) Tantra 9:41
A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys re-edit) Tantra 6:18
A Place Called Tarot (The Reflex edit) Tantra remixed by The Reflex 6:37
Camino Al Destino (12" Mix) Tantra 6:43
Get Happy Tantra 4:43
Get Happy (The Double Remix) Tantra 6:54
Get Ready to Go Tantra 6:27
Hallelujah Tantra 4:39
Hills of Katmandu Tantra 0:22
Hills of Katmandu Tantra 16:20
Hills of Katmandu Tantra 14:00
Hills of Katmandu (part of a “Global Underground #027: Danny Howells: Miami” DJ‐mix) Tantra 5:28
Hills Of Katmandu (7" Mix) Tantra 4:40
Hills of Katmandu (album version) Tantra 16:18
Hills Of Katmandu (Disco Mix) Tantra 6:31
Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley mix) Tantra 13:29
Hills of Katmandu (re-edit) Tantra 9:10
Hills of Katmandu (The Patrick Cowley mix) Tantra 6:23
Hills Of Katmandu (The True Patrick Cowley Megamix) Tantra 13:53
Las Colinas De Katmandu (12" Mix) Tantra 5:19
Ma-Cum-Ba Tantra GBEQT1002813 3:42
Ma-Cum-Ba (part of “Johnny D: Disco Jams” DJ-mix) Tantra GBEQT1002944 2:58
Macumba Tantra 14:10
Macumba Suite: Ma-Cum-Ba Haunts Me/The Drums Of Ma-Cum-Ba/Oh, My-Cum-Ba-Ay! Tantra 14:22
Mother Africa Tantra 4:39
Su Ku Leu Tantra 5:25
Su-ku-leu Tantra 2:33
Tarot Suite: A Place Called Tarot/The Tarot Reprise/The Groove/The Guitars Of Tarot Tantra 15:42
The Hills of Katmandu Tantra 16:22
Top Shot Tantra 7:23
Top Shot (The Double Remix) Tantra 6:53
Wishbone Tantra 4:26
Wishbone Tantra 1:55
Wishbone Tantra 15:40
Wishbone (7" Mix) Tantra 4:43
Wishbone (12" Mix) Tantra 6:09

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