Thirty miles to the east of Tehran is a dusty village with many names and no microphone. 30 years into his life, this Iranian town was Jihad Jerrys only home. The youngest son of an Irish-American midwife and a Persian barber, Jihad Jerry excelled in the secular, co-ed classrooms at one of the Shah's international schools, well on his way to a full academic scholarship at the University of North Pittsburgh. Then the Ayatollah returned and in a matter of months, took over the country and declared his school "evil." Unwilling to finish his education without girls, unable to reconcile the Islamo-Protestant faith of his parents any longer, Jihad Jerry rejected the world he once knew. For the first time, Jihad Jerry heard the sweet sounds of liberation in his heart and decided to pursue a music career.

Holding a day job as a traveling rug salesman, Jerry proved to be a natural performer, learning to cater to the audience's demand for religious music though developing his dream of pop stardom through a catalog of originals. As he continued to wow post-prayer audiences around the country with his spirit and showmanship, Jihad Jerry dared to act upon his dream of an audience beyond the mosque, gradually transforming his act into a set of hard-rocking pop tunes. As word spread of his "devolution" from pillar of goodness to pyre of evil, Jihad Jerry became a lightning rod for hostility and an enemy of the state.

Fearing for his life and armed with an American passport, Jihad Jerry expatriated to Yonkers, NY, laboring in obscurity while pursuing his rock dreams. Over time, he assembled his band, The Evildoers, and after a year of grueling practice, Jihad Jerry was convinced his dream of pop-stardom was as ripe as it ever would be. Then 9/11 occurred and the dawn of a new day ushered Jerry back into a world of fundamentalism and futility. Retreating to the basement once again, Jihad Jerry saw the writing on the wall and decided to write over it. And with the help of The Evildoers, he wages a new kind of war.

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Legal name: Gerald Casale




Year Title RatingReleases
2006 Mine Is Not A Holy War 1

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