Wilt (Dark Ambient duo)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Reversing Magnetism Wilt 5:04
Sandman Wilt 7:16
Sculpture of Rust Wilt 3:42
Searching for a Corner Wilt 4:29
Secrets of the Archivists Prurient + Wilt 14:07
Seven Virgins Being Transformed Prurient + Wilt 4:27
She Wilt 9:54
She Lives Wilt 1:34
She Walks the Night Wilt 4:54
She Walks the Night (reprise) Wilt 9:26
Shivering Spine Wilt 5:42
Shrouded Souls Around a Blazing Altar Wilt 4:07
Silence Between War Wilt 7:47
Slowly Bleeding a Deep Red Syrup With the Hopes and Dreams of a Fruitless Truth Wilt 11:38
Smudgeghost Wilt 3:15
Socalled Empty Space Wilt 8:56
Social Occult Machine Wilt 10:06
Soiled Wilt 2:34
Static Trench Wilt 1:36
Still... Violent Waters Wilt 4:12
Submerge Wilt 6:24
Summoning Leviathan Wilt 3:54
SVF Wilt 3:37
Tangled in Briars Wilt 5:51
Tapestry Wilt 5:19
Taunting the Raven Wilt 2:43
The Burden of Flies Wilt 6:02
The Burnt Offering Prurient + Wilt 3:25
The Coming Plague Wilt 6:04
The Devil as Aerial Spirit & Ungodly Intellect Prurient + Wilt 13:39
The Devil's Rainbow Wilt 4:54
The Disappearance of Man Wilt 4:53
The Fiddler and the Fool Wilt 6:32
The Mystery of Iniquity Wilt 5:11
The Nature of Bacteria Prurient + Wilt 32:14
The Nightside of Eden Wilt 3:40
The Pale Watching Moon Wilt 3:01
The Room Reforming Itself Wilt 6:06
The Shadow Out of Time Wilt 6:59
The Soil Begins to Smother Him Wilt 11:01
Thermodynamic Equilibrium Wilt 4:18
They Bespoke Doomsday Wilt feat. Red Fades Before Blue 6:23
To Kill the One She Loves Wilt 10:14
To the Fallen (Black & White) Wilt 7:41
Under Her Veil of Transparency, Part 2 Wilt 4:15
Under the Roofs of Paris Wilt 5:20
Unrest Wilt 6:45
Untitled Eight Wilt 7:23
Untitled Eleven Wilt 7:15
Untitled Five Wilt 6:13
Untitled Four Wilt 10:16
Untitled Nine Wilt 0:43
Untitled One Wilt 5:43
Untitled Post War Piece Wilt 3:00
Untitled Seven Wilt 6:36
Untitled Six Wilt 6:38
Untitled Ten Wilt 1:20
Untitled Three Wilt 4:53
Untitled Two Wilt 6:30
Verse 1 Wilt 36:23
Vessel Prurient + Wilt 16:19
Virgo Awakened Wilt 5:24
Virgo Dismantled Wilt 3:47
Visions of Quicksilver on Lightness Velvet Wilt 5:13
Waiting for the Death Clock Wilt 5:28
Washed in the Blood Prurient + Wilt 4:39
When the Earth Swallows Us Whole Wilt 9:00
When We Had Skin Wilt 7:00
When Will We Fall Wilt 1:30
Winter Solstice Procession Wilt 5:47
Winterkill Wilt 3:41
Wires for Nerves Wilt 7:56
Wormscratch Wilt 3:29
Zero Transmission Wilt 3:17

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