Faust (German avant-garde group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Carousel II Faust 2:45
Carousel II (remixed by Adriano Lanzi & Omar Sodano) Faust 4:10
Carousel II (remixed by Sunroof) Faust 6:42
Carousel II (remixed by Trillian) Faust 4:27
Caruso Faust 5:34
Cavaquiñho Faust 1:00
Ce chemin est le bon Faust 7:53
Cendre/Pause Faust 2:05
Chère chambre Faust 3:07
Chlorophyl Faust 8:04
Chromatic Faust 6:05
Chromatic Faust 9:48
Chromatic (London Metro) Faust 4:59
Chrome Faust 2:46
Cluster für Cluster Faust 0:29
Collected Twighlight Faust vs. Dälek 6:22
Could You Please Tell Me If I Am in My Bedroom? (Brighton the Old Market) Faust 5:03
Crash Faust 5:33
Crawling Wax Faust 17:00
D. I. G. Faust 5:29
D.I.G. (remixed by Kreidler) Faust 6:05
D.I.G. (remixed by Surgeon) Faust 6:40
Dampfauslass I Faust DELI51000450 3:21
Dampfauslass II Faust DELI51000451 2:34
Dance to the Machine Faust 5:37
Das (S) Tier, Part I: As Tu Ton Ticket? Part II: Du Rouge Du Blue, Part III: Dying Pigs Faust 22:06
Das Meer Faust 2:50
Das Unheil breitet sich aus Faust 12:06
Day Out Faust 2:45
Dead Lies Faust vs. Dälek 8:28
Der Baum Faust 3:51
Der Baum (Peron) Faust 3:49
Der Kaffee kocht Faust 3:50
Der Pfad Faust 0:54
Devoted Bone Dance Faust 11:51
Die Entscheidung Faust 7:33
Dimmi Perque Faust 6:43
Disconnected Faust & Nurse With Wound 11:21
Disconnected Nurse With Wound & Faust 13:12
Do So Faust 2:34
Do So [Peel session 3/73] Faust 2:34
Dolls and Brawls Faust 1:37
Don't Take Roots Faust 4:22
Don't Take Roots Faust 4:54
Double You & Me Faust 12:10
Dr. Schwitters - Intro Faust 0:25
Dr. Schwitters (Snippet) Faust 2 0:49
Dr' Hansl Faust 1:30
Drachentoeter Faust 3:02
Drone Organ Faust 3:35
Drug Wipe Faust 5:22
Du Weißt Schon Faust 2:44
Du weisst schon (remixed by Dead Voices on Air) Faust 4:56
Du Weißt Schon (remixed by Funkstörung) Faust 4:46
Duck a l'orange Faust 2:14
Duo Faust 2:14
Each Day Is Christmas Time Faust 2:41
Ecouter le Poisson Faust 6:30
Eeeeeeh... Faust 1:58
Ein Neuer Tag Faust 4:18
Elegie Faust 2:22
Elektron 2 Faust 1:11
Ella/Pause Faust 2:02
Ellen (Cry for) Faust 0:34
En veux-tu des effets, en voilà Faust 7:18
Encore Tony Conrad with Faust 8:24
Encore Rainy Day Faust 8:57
Encore! Tony Conradwith Faust 10:21
Eroberung der stille, teil I Faust 9:19
Eroberung der stille, teil II Faust 6:55
Erratic Thoughts Faust vs. Dälek 0:57
Es ist mir kalt Faust 7:29
Ex:::Cess Faust 6:41
Exercise - With Several Hands on a Piano Faust 0:52
Exercise - With Voices Faust 1:48
Exercise - With Voices, Drum and Sax Faust 2 0:21
Exercise (Continues Track 1) Faust 1:11
Exercise: With Several Hands on the Piano Faust 0:52
Expecting S. in Love Faust 3:14
Extract 5 From Faust Party Three: "The Voice of the Pumpkin" Faust ?:??
Fast Head (a.k.a. The Sad Skin Head) Faust 2:45
Fastened 60/60 Faust 1:59
Feed the Greed Faust 5:05
Fin Faust 1:24
Firework Lovesong for Lilli-Sau Faust 8:02
Fish Faust 11:22
Flashback Caruso Faust 4:01
Flashback Caruso (Sosna) Faust 4:01
Foam of War Faust 9:04
Four Plus Eleven Faust 10:49
Four Plus Seven Means Eleven Faust 7:07
Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (remixed by Dax & Pieper) Faust 5:50
Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (remixed by Howie B.) Faust 7:20
Fresh Air Faust 17:31
From the Side of Man and Womankind Tony Conrad with Faust 26:59
From the Side of Man and Womankind Tony Conrad with Faust 27:17
From the Side of Man and Womankind Tony Conrad with Faust 27:16
From the Side of Man and Womankind Tony Conradwith Faust 50:04
From the Side of the Machine Tony Conrad with Faust 26:05
From the Side of the Machine Tony Conrad with Faust 26:20

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