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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
May the Funk Be With You Jedi Knights
New School Science Jedi Knights
Catch the Break Jedi Knights 6:00
Jumbo (Jedis Sugar Hit Mix) additional Underworld 6:29
Antacid Link & E621
Afrika Shox (Jedis Elastic Bass mix) Leftfield. Bambaataa 6:14
Afrika Shox (Jedis Elastic Bass Mix) Leftfield. Bambaataa 6:15
Antacid (Jedi Knights mix) Link 3:29
Antacid (Jedi Knights mix) Link & E621 6:40
Antacid (Jedi Knights remix) Link & E621 6:21
Antacid (Jedi Knights remix) Link & E621 6:36
Home (Jedi Knights remix - Drowning in Time) Depeche Mode 7:02
Jumbo (Jedi's Sugar Hit mix) Underworld 6:29
Jumbo (Jedis Electro dub mix) Underworld 6:02
Jumbo (Jedis Sugar Hit Mix) Underworld 6:29
The Flow (Jedi Knights mix) Model 500 ?:??
The Flow (Jedi Knights remix) Model 500 4:02