Elegia (Brazilian post punk band)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
De Profundis: Brazilian Darkwave Collection Various Artists CD 15 Baratos Afins BACD044
Cold składanka 2 Various Artists CD-R 16
Retratos Subterrâneos: Um panorama da música dark nacional Various Artists Digital Media 18 Rock Hard Valhalla rockhard001
The Sky Is Grey: A Tribute to Harry Various Artists Digital Media 15 Phantasma13.com ph13_005 [none]
Brazilian Tribute to the Original TSOL Various Artists Digital Media 10 Zorch Factory Records
Beatles ’69, Vol. 02: O outro lado da Abbey Road Various Artists CD 21 Discobertas DB-022 7892141640091
Darkwave From the South: Music From the Other America, Volume III Various Artists (unknown) 20
De Profundis: Brazilian Post-Punk Compilation Various Artists CD 20 Baratos Afins BACD069 7898474806098
Gothic Rock Around the World II Various Artists Digital Media 17 Sombrati Records [none] [none]
Darkwave From the South: Brazilian Goth Songs Various Artists (unknown) 17 CYBER10

This artist only has releases by various artists.