Core (US Band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] Core 0:52
Bicycle and Tricycle Core 4:41
Blacksand Core 7:07
Blues for Gus (AuH₂O) Core 15:54
Cleargod Core 6:26
Dive Into the Ocean Core 3:38
Earth Core 10:02
Edge City Core 6:09
Face Core 23:00
Fleetwood Core 2:31
Fleetwood Core 2:32
Haunted Dub Core 7:20
High in the Jungle Core 5:25
Innocent Eyes (Bigg Buggs Other mix) Core ?:??
It’s Too Late Core feat. Louise 5:07
It’s Too Late (original recording) Core feat. Louise 5:06
Je t'aime (moi non plus) Core 3:46
Kiss the Sun Core 3:44
LD-5 Degrees Core 1:06
Liquid Core 3:36
Millenium Core 6:04
Mood Disorder Core ?:??
Mosquito Song Core 7:07
No.5 in a Series Core 0:47
Sarah's Curious Accident Core 4:17
Sawdust Core 6:16
Shift Core 3:20
Skinny Legs and All Core 1:44
Soul Shaker Core 5:24
Square and Round Core 3:51
Supernumber Core 4:49
The Godfather Core 8:17
The Monolith Problem Core 5:49
Vacuum Life Core 3:21
Vacuum Lite Core 3:23
Voulez-vous jouer...? Core 4:06
Way Down Core 3:10

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