Pat O'Brien (US guitarist)

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member of:Monstrosity
Nevermore (Seattle thrash metal band) (from 1996 until 1997: guitar)
Cannibal Corpse (from 1997 to present)
supporting guitar for:Slayer (US thrash metal band) (in 2011)
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A Skeletal Domain (Cannibal Corpse song)
As Deep as the Knife Will Go (Cannibal Corpse song)
Brain Removal Device (Cannibal Corpse song)
Carnivorous Swarm (Cannibal Corpse song)
Dead Human Collection (Cannibal Corpse song)
Demented Aggression (Cannibal Corpse song)
Drowning in Viscera (Cannibal Corpse song)
Ecstacy in Decay (Cannibal Corpse song)
Followed Home Then Killed (Cannibal Corpse song)
Funeral Cremation (Cannibal Corpse song)
Hacksaw Decapitation (Cannibal Corpse song)
Hatchet to the Head (Cannibal Corpse song)
Heads Shoveled Off (Cannibal Corpse song)
High Velocity Impact Spatter (Cannibal Corpse song)
Hollowed Bodies (Cannibal Corpse song)
Infinite Misery (Cannibal Corpse song)
Make Them Suffer (Cannibal Corpse song)
Purification by Fire (Cannibal Corpse song)
Red Before Black (Cannibal Corpse song)
Remaimed (Cannibal Corpse song)
Sadistic Embodiment (Cannibal Corpse song)
Sanded Faceless (Cannibal Corpse song)
Shedding My Human Skin (Cannibal Corpse song)
To Decompose (Cannibal Corpse song)
Torn Through (Cannibal Corpse song)
1996-04 – 1996-05In Memoryelectric guitarNevermore7:05
1996-04 – 1996-05Matricideelectric guitarNevermore5:21
1996-04 – 1996-05Optimist or Pessimistelectric guitarNevermore3:39
1996-04 – 1996-05Silent Hedges / Double Dareelectric guitarNevermore4:42
1996-04 – 1996-05The Sorrowed Manelectric guitarNevermore5:25
2005-10 – 2005-12Barbaric BludgeoningsguitarCannibal Corpse3:43
2005-10 – 2005-12Brain Removal DeviceguitarCannibal Corpse3:15
2005-10 – 2005-12Death Walking TerrorguitarCannibal Corpse3:32
2005-10 – 2005-12Five Nails Through the NeckguitarCannibal Corpse3:46
2005-10 – 2005-12Infinite MiseryguitarCannibal Corpse4:01
2005-10 – 2005-12Make Them SufferguitarCannibal Corpse2:51
2005-10 – 2005-12ManiacalguitarCannibal Corpse2:13
2005-10 – 2005-12Murder WorshipguitarCannibal Corpse3:57
2005-10 – 2005-12Necrosadistic WarningguitarCannibal Corpse3:28
2005-10 – 2005-12Purification by FireguitarCannibal Corpse2:57
2005-10 – 2005-12Submerged in Boiling FleshguitarCannibal Corpse2:52
2005-10 – 2005-12The Discipline of RevengeguitarCannibal Corpse3:39
2005-10 – 2005-12The Time to Kill Is NowguitarCannibal Corpse2:04
2014-02 – 2014-05A Skeleton DomainguitarCannibal Corpse3:38
2014-02 – 2014-05Asphyxiate to ResuscitateguitarCannibal Corpse3:47
2014-02 – 2014-05Bloodstained CementguitarCannibal Corpse3:41
2014-02 – 2014-05Funeral CremationguitarCannibal Corpse3:41
2014-02 – 2014-05Headlong Into CarnageguitarCannibal Corpse3:01
2014-02 – 2014-05High Velocity Impact SpatterguitarCannibal Corpse4:06
2014-02 – 2014-05Hollowed BodiesguitarCannibal Corpse3:05
2014-02 – 2014-05Icepick LobotomyguitarCannibal Corpse3:16
2014-02 – 2014-05Kill or BecomeguitarCannibal Corpse3:50
2014-02 – 2014-05Sadistic EmbodimentguitarCannibal Corpse3:17
2014-02 – 2014-05The Murderer's PactguitarCannibal Corpse5:05
2014-02 – 2014-05Vector of CrueltyguitarCannibal Corpse3:25
42147electric guitar [guitars]Nevermore4:59
As Deep as the Knife Will GoguitarCannibal Corpse3:25
Behind BarsguitarCannibal Corpse2:20
Bethany Home (A Place to Die)guitarCannibal Corpse3:19
Blowtorch Slaughterelectric guitarCannibal Corpse2:33
Caged... ContortedguitarCannibal Corpse3:53
Code of the SlashersguitarCannibal Corpse4:46
Coffinfeederelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:05
Compelled to Lacerateelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:29
Condemned to Agonyelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:44
ConfessionsguitarCannibal Corpse2:58
Corpus DelictiguitarCannibal Corpse3:29
Crucifier AvengedguitarCannibal Corpse3:46
Dead Human Collectionelectric guitarCannibal Corpse2:30
Demented AggressionguitarCannibal Corpse3:14
Demon's NightguitarCannibal Corpse4:17
Destroyed Without a TraceguitarCannibal Corpse4:01
Dormant Bodies Burstingelectric guitarCannibal Corpse2:02
Drowning in Visceraelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:37
Ecstacy in Decayelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:13
Encased in ConcreteguitarCannibal Corpse3:13
Endless PainguitarCannibal Corpse3:11
Firestorm VengeanceguitarCannibal Corpse3:43
Followed Home Then KilledguitarCannibal Corpse3:36
Grotesqueelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:32
Hacksaw Decapitationelectric guitarCannibal Corpse4:13
Hatchet to the Headelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:34
Heads Shoveled OffguitarCannibal Corpse3:37
Hideous IchorguitarCannibal Corpse4:34
Hung and Bledelectric guitarCannibal Corpse4:13
In the Midst of RuinguitarCannibal Corpse3:26
Intestinal CrankguitarCannibal Corpse3:54
Lostelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore4:15
Mutation of the Cadaverelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:10
Next in Lineelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore5:32
No RemorseguitarCannibal Corpse6:16
Only One Will DieguitarCannibal Corpse3:24
Passengerelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore5:27
Pit of Zombieselectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:59
Pounded Into Dustelectric guitarCannibal Corpse2:17
Precognitionelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore1:38
RabidguitarCannibal Corpse3:04
Raped by the Beastelectric guitarCannibal Corpse2:34
Red Before BlackguitarCannibal Corpse3:12
RemaimedguitarCannibal Corpse4:14
SacrificeguitarCannibal Corpse3:04
Sanded Facelesselectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:52
Sarcophagic FrenzyguitarCannibal Corpse3:42
Savage Butcheryelectric guitarCannibal Corpse1:51
Scavenger Consuming DeathguitarCannibal Corpse4:33
Scourge of IronguitarCannibal Corpse4:44
Shedding My Human SkinguitarCannibal Corpse3:29
Sickening Metamorphosiselectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:25
The Learningelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore16:02
The Politics of Ecstasyelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore7:56
The Seven Tongues of Godelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore5:59
The Spine Splitterelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:10
The Strangulation ChairguitarCannibal Corpse4:09
The Tiananmen Manelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore5:25
This Sacramentelectric guitar [guitars]Nevermore5:10
Torn ThroughguitarCannibal Corpse3:11
Unleashing the Bloodthirstyelectric guitarCannibal Corpse3:51
When Death Replaces Lifeelectric guitarCannibal Corpse4:59
Bloodthirstelectric guitarCannibal Corpse
Bloodthirstelectric guitarCannibal Corpse
Gore Obsessedelectric guitarCannibal Corpse
Gore Obsessed (censored version)electric guitarCannibal Corpse
Gore Obsessedelectric guitarCannibal Corpse
Red Before Black (Limited Edition)guitarCannibal Corpse
The Politics of EcstasyguitarNevermore
The Politics of EcstasyguitarNevermore
The Wretched Spawnelectric guitarCannibal Corpse
The Wretched Spawn (4-panel Digipak within a slipcase)electric guitarCannibal Corpse
Torture (Cencored digibook)guitarCannibal Corpse
All Your Neon