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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Mr. Mellow THE SQUARE 5:03
Ms. Bracing T‐SQUARE JPSR09803043 5:46
Mystic Island T‐SQUARE JPZ921503251 6:03
Nab That Chap!! Casiopea vs. The Square 5:02
Nab That Chap!! T‐SQUARE 5:32
Naughty Boy T‐SQUARE JPSR09600451 6:11
NEXT T‐SQUARE JPK001400010 5:29
Night Cruise T‐SQUARE JPZ921503258 5:50
Night Dreamer THE SQUARE 6:08
Night Games T‐SQUARE JPK001100006 4:41
Night Light T‐SQUARE JPZ921601712 5:21
No More Tears T‐SQUARE 6:03
Ocean Express T‐SQUARE JPK001000014 5:24
Omens of Love T‐SQUARE 5:02
Omens of Love Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays T‐SQUARE JPSR09217430 10:30
Omens of Love THE SQUARE JPSR08503910
Omens of Love (Dolphin Through) T‐SQUARE JPK001500011 5:04
Omens of Love (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815141 3:53
Omens of Love (宝曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001000101 4:14
Omens Of Love Casiopea vs. The Square 3:56
Once In A Blue Moon Casiopea vs. The Square 5:45
Once in a Lifetime THE SQUARE JPK000300022 5:23
One for the Road T‐SQUARE JPK000200004 5:37
One Step Beyond T‐SQUARE JPSR09803047 7:50
Opening ~Adventures~ Omens of Love T‐SQUARE 8:04
Overhead Kick THE SQUARE 4:53
Overnight Sensation THE SQUARE JPSR08445060 4:55
Overnight Sensation (single version) THE SQUARE JPSR08445740 5:45
Pain in My Heart T‐SQUARE JPK000000093 5:26
Paperplane T‐SQUARE JPK000900034 4:06
Papillon THE SQUARE 3:46
Paradise T‐SQUARE JPZ921503253 4:35
Park Ave. South T‐SQUARE JPSR09902727 5:15
Passage of Clouds THE SQUARE 6:39
Peacemaker T‐SQUARE JPK000400110 4:42
Pearl of the Adriatic T‐SQUARE JPZ921601714 5:45
Phat Phunk T‐SQUARE JPK000200002 5:02
Pioggia di capri T‐SQUARE JPSR09600449 6:03
Pioggia di capri (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815156 5:20
Pioggia di Capri T‐SQUARE 8:57
Play for You T‐SQUARE JPSR09305610 4:06
Play for You T‐SQUARE & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra JPSR09313410 6:24
PLAY FOR YOU (虹曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001200126 4:14
Praise T‐SQUARE JPSR09803045 6:56
Prime THE SQUARE JPSR08503980 4:19
Prime (single version) THE SQUARE JPSR08503590 4:57
Prime Time T‐SQUARE JPSR09500520 6:12
Prince Vlad T‐SQUARE 5:28
Prologue T‐SQUARE ?:??
Rachael T‐SQUARE JPSR08902870 6:24
Radio Star T‐SQUARE 5:15
Radio Star T‐SQUARE 4:22
Radio Star (U.S. version) T‐SQUARE JPCS09004010 4:26
RADIO STAR (虹曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001200122 4:53
Radio Star (special mix version) T‐SQUARE 4:42
Rainy Day, Rainy Heart T‐SQUARE JPSR09305580 5:55
Really Love THE SQUARE 4:47
Reflection THE SQUARE JPK000300028 4:50
Reminiscence T‐SQUARE 5:24
Revenge T‐SQUARE 5:42
Rise T‐SQUARE JPSR09203670 6:05
Rockoon THE SQUARE 3:16
Rodan THE SQUARE 3:26
Romantic City T‐SQUARE 6:03
Romantic City T‐SQUARE JPSR09101650 5:00
Romantic City (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815151 5:00
ROMANTIC CITY (虹曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001200124 4:47
Rondo T‐SQUARE 4:46
Route 405 T‐SQUARE JPSR08902810 5:19
Sabana Hotel THE SQUARE 5:03
Sabana Hotel (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815138 4:59
Sabana Hotel (夢曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001100106 5:07
Safari T‐SQUARE JPK000000088 5:14
Sailing the Ocean T‐SQUARE 5:47
Sailing The Ocean T‐SQUARE JPSR09803042 5:08
Samurai Metropolis T‐SQUARE JPSR09700878 7:48
Sayonara T‐SQUARE 5:09
Scandal Boy T‐SQUARE JPSR09305630 4:08
Scene‐000 T‐SQUARE JPSR09902728 5:44
Scissors Paper Rock T‐SQUARE JPZ921601716 5:13
Scrambling T‐SQUARE JPSR09902726 4:37
Season T‐SQUARE 5:17
Sem parar T‐SQUARE 5:46
Sentimental Reason T‐SQUARE 6:06
Shadow THE SQUARE 5:51
Sheryl T‐SQUARE JPK000000091 5:59
Shine T‐SQUARE JPK001400003 5:59
Show Dance THE SQUARE 3:49
Sister Marian THE SQUARE 4:45
Slick Stick T‐SQUARE 4:11
Smile Smile Smile T‐SQUARE JPK000900038 4:39
Snow Walker T‐SQUARE JPK001400004 5:43
Snowbird T‐SQUARE 5:09
Snowbird (U.S. version) T‐SQUARE JPCS09004020 4:55
Soft Madness T‐SQUARE 5:42
Som silencioso T‐SQUARE 5:43
Sound Collage THE SQUARE JPK000300026 2:12

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