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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
I Stand Alone T‐SQUARE JPK001400009 5:23
I Will Sing a Lullaby THE SQUARE 3 4:16
I Won’t Last a Day Without You THE SQUARE 6:00
I’ll Never Forget You THE SQUARE 3:36
I’m in You T‐SQUARE JPK000400103 4:12
Iberian Seascape T‐SQUARE 6:05
In a Sweet Trap T‐SQUARE JPK000400109 5:51
In the Grid T‐SQUARE 5:18
In the Grid THE SQUARE JPSR08503960 4:34
In the Grid (single version) THE SQUARE JPSR08503600 5:19
In the Grid (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815142 4:33
In the Grid (夢曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001100103 4:36
In This Together T‐SQUARE JPK000000092 5:55
Insomnia T‐SQUARE 3:54
Istanbul T‐SQUARE 4:44
It's Magic T‐SQUARE 6:59
It’s Happening Again THE SQUARE 3:32
It’s Magic T‐SQUARE JPSR09815135 4:54
It’s Magic THE SQUARE JPSR08114830 5:15
It’s Magic THE SQUARE 3:44
It’s Magic (宝曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001000111 4:17
Japanese Soul Brothers T‐SQUARE 9:33
Japanese Soul Brothers Casiopea vs. The Square 3:14
Jealousy T‐SQUARE JPSR08902790 5:43
Jubilee T‐SQUARE 6:44
Jubilee THE SQUARE 4:52
Jungle Fever T‐SQUARE JPK000400102 4:57
Just Like a Woman T‐SQUARE JPSR09305640 6:02
Justice Casiopea vs. The Square 4:37
Kapiolani Casiopea vs. The Square 6:04
Kiss THE SQUARE 4:15
Kiss and Cry T‐SQUARE JPK001400007 5:22
Knight’s Song T‐SQUARE JPSR09700874 6:11
Knight’s Song (虹曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001200128 6:10
Knock Me Out T‐SQUARE JPZ921503257 4:24
Kyakusenbi no Yuwaku T‐SQUARE 7:17
Labyrinth of Love T‐SQUARE 4:54
Labyrinth of Love (Dolphin Through) T‐SQUARE JPK001500017 3:43
Labyrinth of Love (U.S. version) T‐SQUARE JPCS09003980 4:56
Landscape T‐SQUARE JPSR09500517 7:27
Larisa THE SQUARE 4:14
Last Raindrops T‐SQUARE 5:32
Last Raindrops (U.S. version) T‐SQUARE JPCS09004030 4:47
Last Scene T‐SQUARE JPZ921601717 5:36
Lately T‐SQUARE JPSR09600452 5:13
Leave Me Alone THE SQUARE 5:38
Leave Me Alone (Dolphin Through) THE SQUARE JPK001500022 4:47
Let Your Love Flow T‐SQUARE 5:02
Lickin' it T‐SQUARE 7:52
Lickin’ It THE SQUARE 5:54
Life Is a Music THE SQUARE 3 6:37
Little League Star T‐SQUARE 5:40
Little Mermaid T‐SQUARE 5:36
Little Mermaid THE SQUARE 4:15
Little Mermaid (夢曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001100112 4:26
Little Pop Sugar THE SQUARE 6:56
Little Pop Sugar (宝曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001000104 7:02
Looking Up Casiopea vs. The Square 4:41
Love All THE SQUARE 4:25
Love for Spy T‐SQUARE JPSR08902780 5:11
Love Forever THE SQUARE 3 3:57
Love Is in My Sight THE SQUARE 4:12
Love’s Still Burnin’ THE SQUARE 4:45
Lucky Summer Lady THE SQUARE 7:41
Lucky Summer Lady (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815127 7:14
Lucky Summer Lady (夢曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001100109 5:41
Make It Stoned T‐SQUARE JPSR09902722 5:01
Make Me a Star THE SQUARE 3 JPSR07910170 5:37
Man On The Moon T‐SQUARE JPSR00001082 6:01
Man on the Moon (2006 new mix) T‐SQUARE JPK000600242 5:45
Maybe I’m Wrong THE SQUARE JPSR08445020 4:45
Maybe I’m Wrong (single version) THE SQUARE JPSR08445750 5:05
Maybe Tomorrow T‐SQUARE JPK000000090 4:52
Maze T‐SQUARE JPSR09700876 5:35
Megalith T‐SQUARE 5:11
Megalith T‐SQUARE 5:21
Megalith (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815150 5:24
Memories of Alice THE SQUARE JPSR08221810 4:46
Merylu THE SQUARE 5:02
Metro 7 T‐SQUARE JPZ921601711 5:11
Mid Manhattan Casiopea vs. The Square 4:03
Midnight Circle Casiopea vs. The Square 6:04
Midnight Circle T‐SQUARE 5:36
Midnight Lover THE SQUARE JPSR08111940 5:02
Midnight Lover (宝曲) T‐SQUARE JPK001000106 5:24
Miracle City T‐SQUARE JPK000400108 5:47
Miss you THE SQUARE 5:01
Miss You T‐SQUARE 5:35
Miss You (Wordless Anthology remix) T‐SQUARE JPSR09815154 7:59
Mist of Time THE SQUARE JPSR08445070 5:45
Mistral THE SQUARE JPSR08445040 4:47
MJ T‐SQUARE JPK001000020 7:53
Moon T‐SQUARE JPK000400105 6:03
More Than Lemonade T‐SQUARE 4:45
Morning Delight T‐SQUARE JPK001000012 4:58
Morning Star T‐SQUARE JPSR08902770 6:20
Mr. Coco’s One THE SQUARE 3 JPSR07910160 7:13
Mr. Coco’s One (single version) THE SQUARE JPSR07928580 4:48

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