Legal name: Medwyn Clifton Reginald Goodall

Also performs as: Midori (performance name for Medwyn Goodall)



1987EmergenceMedwyn Goodall1
1988In the Stillness of a MomentMedwyn Goodall2
1988Kindred SpiritsMedwyn Goodall1
1989Angel sleepMedwyn Goodall1
1989Gifts of Comfort & JoyMedwyn Goodall1
1990DruidMedwyn Goodall1
1990Druid IIMedwyn Goodall & Runestone3
1990ExcaliburMedwyn Goodall2
1990MerlinMedwyn Goodall1
1990MerlinMedwyn Goodall1
1991Earth HealerMedwyn Goodall1
1992Coral SandMedwyn Goodall1
1992Great SpiritMedwyn Goodall1
1992Medicine WomanMedwyn Goodall1
1992The Way of the DolphinMedwyn Goodall1
1993Antarctica The Last WildernessMedwyn Goodall1
1993Eagle SpiritMedwyn Goodall2
1993Kingdom of the Sun GodMedwyn Goodall1
1993LeoMedwyn Goodall1
1994Alpha & OmegaMedwyn Goodall1
1994Goddess from the seaMedwyn Goodall1
1994Nazca, Land of the IncasMedwyn Goodall2
1994Return to EdenMedwyn Goodall1
1994SiestaMedwyn Goodall1
1994The Four HorsemenMedwyn Goodall1
1995Guardian SpiritMedwyn Goodall1
1995The Gift of ExcaliburMedwyn Goodall1
1995The Grail QuestMedwyn Goodall1
1995Tintagel, Castle of ArthurMedwyn Goodall1
1995Where Angels TreadMedwyn Goodall1
1996Alcazar, Flame of PassionMedwyn Goodall1
1996King ShamanMedwyn Goodall1
1996Moon GoddessMedwyn Goodall1
1996Priestess- Return To AtlantisMedwyn Goodall1
1996RainforestMedwyn Goodall1
1996Shoshone DreamMedwyn Goodall1
1996Spirit of ChristmasMedwyn Goodall1
1996The Fair Queen GuinevereMedwyn Goodall1
1996The Round TableMedwyn Goodall1
1996Winds Across the PacificMedwyn Goodall1
1997A Christmas TapestryMedwyn Goodall1
1997Ancient Nazca: Inca MysteriesMedwyn Goodall1
1997The Dolphin QuestMedwyn Goodall1
1997The Way of the OceanMedwyn Goodall1
1998Clan (A Celtic Journey)Medwyn Goodall1
1998Medicine Woman II: The GiftMedwyn Goodall1
1999CometMedwyn Goodall1
1999MillenniumMedwyn Goodall1
2000Dragon's KeepMedwyn Goodall3
2000LightstreamMedwyn Goodall1
2000Sacred MedicineMedwyn Goodall2
2000The ScrollMedwyn Goodall1
2001Meditation & VisualisationMedwyn Goodall1
2001Anam CaraMedwyn Goodall1
2001Coral SandMed Goodall1
2001Music for Perfect SleepMedwyn Goodall1
2001Music for the Dolphin ExperienceMedwyn Goodall1
2001Snows of KilimanjaroMedwyn Goodall1
2001TimelessMedwyn Goodall1
2002Rhythm of the AncientsMedwyn Goodall1
2003ChroniclesMedwyn Goodall1
2004MomentumMedwyn Goodall1
2004Golden Dreams ForeverMedwyn Goodall1
2004Essence of MagicMedwyn Goodall1
2004Eye of the WolfMedwyn Goodall1
2004Land of the IncaMedwyn Goodall1
2005Tribal NationMedwyn Goodall & Scott Jasper1
2005Medicine Woman III: The RisingMedwyn Goodall1
2006The Sorcerers DaughterMedwyn Goodall1
2006OM IIMedwyn Goodall & Aroshanti1
2006OMMedwyn Goodall & Terry Oldfield1
2008Serve ChilledMedwyn Goodall & Tim Rock1
2008Amun RaMedwyn Goodall1
2008Earth GoddessMedwyn Goodall1
2009OriginsMedwyn Goodall1
2009Medicine Woman IV (Prophecy 2012)Medwyn Goodall1
2010Clan III (The Lands Beyond)Medwyn Goodall2
2011With Every BreathMedwyn Goodall & Aroshanti1
2011Tears of the DragonMedwyn Goodall1
2011Seascape… Dolphins and WhalesMedwyn Goodall & Terry Oldfield1
2012Moon Goddess 2Medwyn Goodall1
2013Turtle IslandMedwyn Goodall1
2016The DreamworldMedwyn Goodall1
2019The Goddess of Machu PicchuMedwyn Goodall1
AutumnMedwyn Goodall1
InnocenceMedwyn Goodall1
Medwyn's CornwallMedwyn Goodall1
Neptune, God of the OceansMedwyn Goodall1
SapphireMedwyn Goodall1
SpringMedwyn Goodall1
SummerMedwyn Goodall1
The IslandMedwyn Goodall1
WinterMedwyn Goodall1

Album + Compilation

1997All Good ThingsMedwyn Goodall1
1999The Best of Medwyn GoodallMedwyn Goodall1
2000Visions (The Best of Medwyn Goodall 1985 - 1995)Medwyn Goodall1
2004Pagan Dawn (The Selected Music of Medwyn Goodall)Medwyn Goodall1
2004King Arthur (The Legend of King Arthur)Medwyn Goodall1
2016Celtic VoyageFlorie Brown, Catherine Duc, Jean-Yves le Pape, Lynn Saoirse, Margie Butler, Medwyn Goodall, Saor Patrol, Turlough & Midori1


2001Call of the DolphinMedwyn Goodall1

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