Kevin Drumm (experimental/improv musician)

~ Person



1997Kevin DrummKevin Drumm3
1998DuoKevin Drumm & Taku Sugimoto1
1998Folie á deuxKevin Drumm / Taku Sugimoto1
1999SecondKevin Drumm3
2000ComedyKevin Drumm1
2000CasesRalf Wehowsky & Kevin Drumm1
2000Particles and SmearsKevin Drumm & Martin Tétreault1
2001[untitled]Axel Dörner & Kevin Drumm1
2002Sheer Hellish MiasmaKevin Drumm3
2002I Drink Your SkinKevin Drumm / Aaron Dilloway2
2003Out Trios, Volume TwoJeff Parker · Kevin Drumm · Michael Zerang1
2003EruptionWeasel Walter, Fred Lonberg-Holm & Kevin Drumm1
2003Land of LurchesKevin Drumm2
2003Mort aux vachesDan Burke / Kevin Drumm1
2005Kevin Drumm / 2673Kevin Drumm / 26731
2007All Are Guests in the House of the LordPrurient & Kevin Drumm2
2007PurgeKevin Drumm4
2008Imperial DistortionKevin Drumm3
2009Imperial HorizonKevin Drumm2
2010The Obstacles of Romantic ExaggerationKevin Drumm2
2010Mud Keeps Lifting Me HigherKevin Drumm & Tom Smith1
2010Reconquer Sleep or DisappearTom Smith & Kevin Drumm1
2011GhybbrishKevin Drumm2
2011Three Atrophies, One Plague-BearerKevom Druth & Tin Smimm2
2011Don’t AskKevin Drumm2
2011I Have a ComputerKevin Drumm2
2012Dying AirKevin Drumm2
2012Humid WeatherKevin Drumm4
2012CrowdedKevin Drumm2
2012ReliefKevin Drumm2
2012Blast of SilenceKevin Drumm2
2012Electronic Harassment II/IIIKevin Drumm2
2012More AnswersKevin Drumm2
2012MovingKevin Drumm2
2012The Back RoomKevin Drumm3
2012The KitchenKevin Drumm2
2012The Whole HouseKevin Drumm2
2012Twinkle ToesKevin Drumm2
2012VenexiaMika Vainio / Kevin Drumm / Axel Dörner / Lucio Capece51
2013TannenbaumKevin Drumm3
2013EarrachKevin Drumm2
20131983Kevin Drumm2
2013Necro Acoustic 1: Lights OutKevin Drumm1
2013Necro Acoustic 2: MalaiseKevin Drumm1
2013Necro Acoustic 3: DecrepitKevin Drumm1
2013Necro Acoustic 4: No EditKevin Drumm1
2013Necro Acoustic 5: OrganKevin Drumm1
2013Electronic Harassment 4–5Kevin Drumm2
2014The Old HagKevin Drumm1
2014The Damned SortKevin Drumm2
2014The AbyssKevin Drumm / Jason Lescalleet1
2014TroubleKevin Drumm2
2014Wrong IntersectionKevin Drumm2
20152014 Everything’s Going Along as Usual and Then All Shit Breaks Loose.Kevin Drumm1
201560 Minute ReliefKevin Drumm1
2015EquinoxKevin Drumm1
2015Reverse OsmosisKevin Drumm1
2015Mithering the Skiving GormKevin Drumm1
2015Busman's HolidayKevin Drumm / Jason Lescalleet1
2015NormalChoi Joonyong, Drumm Kevin & Hong Chulki1
2016Various Auras: A Bird’s-Eye View Into a Machiavellian World of SecrecyRegis & Prurient / Alessandro Cortini / Kevin Drumm / Lussuria1
2016Mephistophelian FacilitatorKevin Drumm1
2016IrradiateKevin Drumm2
2016Middle of NothingKevin Drumm1
2016Some EventKevin Drumm2
2016MinutiaedKevin Drumm1
2017JuneKevin Drumm1
2017Fortification SpectrumKevin Drumm1
2017The Illusion of Having PlansKevin Drumm1
2017Live Last WeekKevin Drumm1
2018The March FlogKevin Drumm1
2018Jury PrizeKevin Drumm1
2018BlockingKevin Drumm1
2018HorizontalKevin Drumm1
2018Another Odyssey of WaitingKevin Drumm1
2019.,..Kevin Drumm1
2019Basic CombustionKevin Drumm1
2019No Title2
2019The Wizard of East DubuqueKevin Drumm1
2019The Last Minute or LaterKevin Drumm | Adam Golebiewski4
2019SHRILLKevin Drumm1
2019Two M’sKevin DruMM1
2019FallKevin Drumm1
2020Slow NightKevin Drumm1
2020Good TimesKD / BG1
2020BaileKevin Drumm1
2020Double the RoomKevin Drumm2
2020Local CrackersKevin Drumm1

Album + Compilation

2010Necro AcousticKevin Drumm1
2016Elapsed TimeKevin Drumm1
2018Inexplicable HoursKevin Drumm1

Album + Live

1999Charhizma 002Dafeldecker / Kurzmann / Fennesz / O’Rourke / Drumm / Siewert1
2000DenTaku SugimotoKevin Drumm1
2002DEGKevin Drumm / Leif Elggren / Mats Gustafsson1
2002Frozen by Blizzard WindsKevin Drumm & Lasse Marhaug1
2003Werner Dafeldecker, Christof Kurzmann, Kevin Drumm, eRikm, Dieb13, Jérôme NoetingerWerner Dafeldecker, Christof Kurzmann, Kevin Drumm, eRikm, dieb13 & Jérôme Noetinger1
2011Blue Before BlackfaceKevin Drumm & Tom Smith1
2016The Volume Surrounding the TaskRadu Malfatti, Kevin Drumm & Lucio Capece1


2011WrestlingKevin Drumm, Jérôme Noetinger & Robert Piotrowicz1

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