Landscape (80s British synthpop)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Alpine Tragedy Landscape 1:36
Alpine Tragedy / Sisters Landscape 4:46
Back on Your Heads Landscape ?:??
Bad Times Landscape 4:12
Colour Code (Tell Me Something New) Landscape 3:49
Computer Person Landscape 2:59
Eastern Girls Landscape 3:16
Einstein a Go Go (part of “Hang All DJ's, 4” DJ-mix) Landscape 1:10
Einstein a Go-Go Landscape 3:26
Einstein a Go-Go Landscape 5:24
Einstein a Go-Go Landscape 3:00
Einstein A Go-Go Landscape 5:30
Einstein a Go-Go (12" mix) Landscape 5:28
Einstein a Go-Go (12″ version) Landscape 5:28
Einstein a Go‐Go Landscape GBARL8100039
Einstein a Go‐Go Landscape 3:28
Einstein a Go‐Go Landscape 2:19
European Man Landscape 4:23
Face of the 80's Landscape 3:29
Face of the 80’s Landscape 3:26
Feel So Right Landscape III ?:??
From the Tea Rooms of Mars… to the Hell‐Holes of Uranus Landscape 7:35
From the Tea-Rooms of Mars... To the Hell-Holes of Uranus Landscape 7:41
Gotham City Landscape 3:35
Gotham City Landscape 3:39
Highly Suspicious Landscape 3:35
Highly Suspicious Landscape 3:38
Innocent Landscape 4:58
It's Not My Name Landscape 5:24
It’s Not My Real Name Landscape 5:21
Japan Landscape 3:10
Japan Landscape 5:01
Japan Landscape 3:22
Kaptin Whorlix Landscape 3:43
Kaptin Whorlix Landscape 3:50
Lost in the Small Ads Landscape 4:00
Lost in the Small Ads Landscape 4:16
Manhattan Boogie‐Woogie Landscape 4:33
Many’s the Time Landscape 3:25
Many’s the Time Landscape 3:24
Neddy Sindrum Landscape 3:37
Neddy Sindrum Landscape 3:43
New Religion Landscape 3:14
New Religion Landscape 3:14
New Religion Landscape 3:09
Norman Bates Landscape 5:07
Norman Bates Landscape 5:36
Norman Bates Landscape 5:29
Norman Bates Landscape 5:09
Norman Bates Landscape 3:41
One Rule for the Rich Landscape 4:15
Shake the West Awake Landscape 3:26
Shake the West Awake Landscape 3:24
Sisters Landscape 3:09
So Good So Pure So Kind Landscape 4:26
So Good, So Pure, So Kind Landscape III 4:26
Sonja Henie Landscape 3:24
Sonja Henie Landscape 3:32
Sunset Chill Landscape 5:07
The Doll's House Landscape 5:19
The Doll’s House Landscape 5:24
The Fabulous Neutrinos Landscape III ?:??
The Long Way Home Landscape 4:48
The Mechanical Bride Landscape 3:22
The Mechanical Bride Landscape 3:25
Wandsworth Plain Landscape 3:03
Wandsworth Plain Landscape 2:59
When You Leave Your Lover Landscape 3:41
You Know How to Hurt Me Landscape 6:51
You Know How to Hurt Me Landscape III 6:52

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