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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Egomanic Maniacs (Leeds maxi mix) EGOamp 4:47
Egomanic Maniacs (Leeds mix) EGOamp 3:39
Holstenwall (Andyage remix) EGOamp 4:31
I’m Burning Up (remix) Isaac Junkie feat. Ego Amp 4:23
Insatiable EGOamp 4:39
Jajaja (Trio Cover) EGOamp 3:59
Kill a Raver EGOamp 5:17
No Chance mind.area feat. EGOamp 3:50
The Cabinet EGOamp 4:19
The Cabinet EGOamp 5:13
The Cabinet (Cosaquitos en Globo remix) EGOamp 5:04
The Cabinet (edit version) EGOamp 4:23
The Cabinet (edit version) EGOamp 4:26
The Cabinet (Kaball vocal edit remix) EGOamp 6:26
The Cabinet (People Theatre Office mix) EGOamp 4:00
The Cabinet (People Theatre Secret mix) EGOamp 4:13
The Cabinet (People Theatre’s Secret Mix) EGOamp 4:14
The Cabinet (Raul Parra remix) EGOamp 5:01
The Camera (Bulldozer remix by Reizstrom) EGOamp 4:44
The Carnival EGOamp 4:38
The Carnival (edit version) EGOamp 3:49
The Carnival (radio edit) EGOamp 3:28
We Are Freaks (original demo) EGOamp 3:57

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