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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
◀◀ Juantrip' 2:00
66,6 Seconds Juantrip' 1:09
A Dreamful of Time Juantrip' FRU660610704 4:53
A Mad House Juantrip' FRV229500016 6:58
Acid Cat Juantrip' 5:34
Ambient Intruder Juantrip' FRV229400008 3:32
Be My Blue Juantrip' 4:03
Big City Juantrip' FRU660610706 3:11
Blé Juantrip' FRV229800113
Caoutchouc Juantrip' 6:07
Choose a Lover Real Juantrip' FRV229900107 3:56
Consolation Juantrip' FRU660610709 4:24
Critical Mass Explode (Kissing the Floor) Juantrip' 6:20
Crystal Rainbow Juantrip' FRU660610713 3:54
Custom Ride Juantrip' 7:15
Demon Out Juantrip' FRV229900045 6:03
Deprecated Gong Juantrip' 0:27
Dirty Party Juantrip' 2:54
Dirty Party Juantrip' FRU660610703 2:53
Downward Rush of the Streams Juantrip' FRV229900042 5:03
Downward Rush of the Streams Juantrip' FRV229600017 3:58
Downward Rush of the Streams Juantrip' FRV229900042 2:54
Dreaming Landscapes Juantrip' FRU660610714 4:45
Electronic Juantrip' FRV229900036 5:21
Electronic Juantrip' 4:34
Electronic (dance Mutation mix) Juantrip' FRV229800112 4:45
Electronic (Mutation mix) Juantrip' FRV229800112 5:18
Fireplace Juantrip' 4:03
Florida Juantrip' 3:36
Fly Over Bombay / Switch Out the Sun A Reminiscent Drive / Juantrip' FRV229800124 10:01
Fly to the Moon Juantrip' FRV229900038 5:33
For Shock'n'Roll Juantrip' FRU660610708 5:54
Girl Reaction Juantrip' FRV229500019 7:30
Green and Gold Juantrip' 2:21
High America Juantrip' 3:55
I Love You No More Juantrip' 2:09
I Surely Care Juantrip' 2:49
I Want to Tell You Juantrip' 2:45
Interstone Juantrip' FRV229600016 2:04
Intro Kitsch Juantrip' FRU660610701 1:14
Kiss the Phantom Juantrip' 3:30
Lady Penelope Juantrip' FRV229900043 4:06
Lola's Playground Juantrip' FRV229600013 4:58
Louis' Cry (Anxietas mix) Juantrip' FRV229400011 4:57
Louis' Cry (Spes mix) Juantrip' FRV229400009 7:56
Louis's Cry Juantrip' FRV229400011 4:55
Mixer Juantrip' 2:19
Movies Juantrip' FRV229900035 3:20
My Child Juantrip' FRU660610710 2:17
Now Juantrip' 1:36
Outtro Kitsch Juantrip' FRU660610716 1:07
Overby Juantrip' 3:49
Palmorama Scene Juantrip' FRU660610702 2:33
Picture This Kind of Her Smile Juantrip' FRV229900039 3:25
Point System Juantrip' FRV229500017 9:00
Real Juantrip' FRU660610712 4:25
Red Buddha Juantrip' 0:42
Red Jack Juantrip' FRV229600012 3:21
Robby K Juantrip' 4:46
Robots and Space Chips Juantrip' FRU660610705 4:41
S-Hash (original version) Juantrip' FRV229400010 11:24
S.U.Z.I.E. Juantrip' FRU660610715 4:05
Separated Mind Juantrip' 7:14
Shadows Juantrip' FRV229900040 4:48
Shadows Juantrip' 3:55
Shadows Juantrip' FRV229600015 5:57
Shadows Juantrip' feat. Don Air Mix FRV229900086 4 5:42
Shadows (part of “San Francisco Sessions 3” DJ-mix) Juantrip' 5:13
Shadows (F100 mix) Juantrip' FRV229800093 6:14
Shadows (Lov. & Charlie Ride mix) Juantrip' FRV229900084 6:15
Shadows (Stoppa & J-Man Droidworks mix) Juantrip' FRV229900085 4:25
Shadows (Temple version) Juantrip' FRV229800093 6:00
She's on a Trip' Juantrip' 6:31
Smoke to the Rescue Juantrip' FRU660610711 3:25
Some Hope Juantrip' FRV229600014 4:30
Standing in Your Eye (See Me Still) Juantrip' 3:15
Switch Out the Sun Juantrip' FRV229500020 4:53
That's My Kitsch Juantrip' FRU660610707 2:42
That's My Kitsch Juantrip' 2:42
The Yellow Blood Juantrip' FRV229500018 4:00
Waiting for the Train Juantrip' FRV229900041 2:54
Waiting for the Train Juantrip' FRV229900041 4:18
You're Right, Just a Feeling Juantrip' 3:20

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