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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Street N*gga Rydah J. Klyde feat. C-Bo 3:55
Street Nigga C-Bo feat. Krytykal 4:36
Superstar C-Bo & Cyco 2:38
Survival 1st C-Bo 4:54
Survival 1st C-Bo, Lunasicc & Marvaless 4:19
Survival in the Garden C-Bo 3:10
Take It How You Want Too C-Bo feat. Marvaless 3:58
Take It to the Street (Skit) C-Bo 0:37
Take Over Killa Tay & Laroo The Hard Hitta feat. Luni Coleone, Marvaless, Missippi, C-Bo and Pizzo 4:05
Talk About It Outlawz & Young Buck feat. C-Bo 4:12
Teach Em Bout Playin (Dissin Game) Young Buck feat. C-Bo 1:51
Termination (Black In The Ghetto) Mitchy Slick feat. C-Bo 7:46
Tha Murda Show Killa Tay feat. C-Bo and Mississippi 4:53
That Aint Gangsta C-Bo, Cyco & Killa Tay 3:28
That Fire E‐40 feat. C‐Bo 4:04
That's How We Break Bread TRU feat. C-Bo 3:28
The Autopsy C-Bo 5:20
The Bloccs C-Bo feat. Young Gee 4:10
The Come Up AP.9 feat. C-Bo, Lil' Cyco & Shill Mac 4:07
The Evil That Men Do Nefarious feat. C-Bo & UTG 5:26
The Evil That Men Do X‐Raided feat. C-Bo 3:34
The Funk Is On Lunasicc feat. C-Bo & Marvaless 0:04
The Moment Of Truth C-Bo & Killa Tay feat. I-Rocc 3:44
The Plot C-Bo feat. Spade & Crash 0:56
The Real C-Bo feat. Gangsta Dryaster 2:55
The Side Show Yukmouth feat. C‐Bo, Richie Rich & Nat’e 3:23
The Thug World Mob Figaz feat. C-Bo & Spice 1 5:48
The Way Da Boy Shine Young Doe feat. C-Bo 3:42
They Don't Want Me Ballin Twisted Insane feat. C-Bo 4:32
This Is My Life C-Bo & Killa Tay feat. Yukmouth 4:01
This Is the Game Ambedext feat. C-Bo 3:27
This Is The Way We Ball C-Bo & Young T (C-Bo´s Son) 2:55
Thug Connection Mr. Shadow, Slush The Villain & C-Bo 3:20
Thug Diseases Spice 1 feat. C-Bo & South Central Cartel 4:32
Thug Lords (featuring Jayo Felony & Thug Lordz) C-Bo ?:??
Thug Lordz C-Bo feat. Layzie Bone & Yukmouth 3:47
Thug Lordz Ride Tonight C-Bo, Spice 1 & Yukmouth 3:40
Thug Money Guce feat. C-Bo 4:17
Thug Thang Spice 1 feat. C-Bo & Mr. Shadow 3:36
Thugg It! C-Bo feat. Bosko, E-40, Killa Tay & Thug Misses 5:14
Thuggin Hard C-Bo 5:29
Thuggin On Em C-Bo, Spice 1 & Yukmouth 3:28
Thuggin Till I Die Outlawz & C-Bo 5:10
Till My Casket Drops C-Bo 4:13
Till My Casket Drops C-Bo 4:12
Titty Bar C-Bo, Spice 1 & Yukmouth 3:28
Tradin War Stories 2Pac feat. Dramacydal, C-Bo & Storm 4 5:30
Transporter A‐1 feat. C-Bo 4:29
Tru 2 Da Game C-Bo feat. J-Dubb & Lil' Ric 4:28
Trying to Survive Yukmouth feat. Lil’ Flip & C-Bo 4:12
Tycoon C-Bo 3:57
U Don't Want It! C-Bo 4:01
U No the Rules C-Bo feat. Bobby Seals & Cozmo 4:10
U or Me Tha Realest feat. C-Bo 5:02
U' Kno' I Know Young Bleed feat. C-Bo & John Silva 3:22
Undadawgs (featuring CJ Mac & Dresta) C-Bo ?:??
United Ghettos of America, Pt. 2 Yukmouth feat. Tha Realest, C-Bo, Spice 1, Dru Down, 151, Eastwood & Ros 6:24
United We Stand C-Bo & San Quinn 4:07
Until the Day I Die C-Bo, Spice 1 & Yukmouth 3:28
Until We Blow C-Bo feat. Fed-X & 151 3:40
Untitled C-Bo ?:??
Vyso C-Bo 4:45
Waiting on Me C-Bo 3:44
Walked in the Club C-Bo feat. Speedy & King James 3:39
Want to Be a "G" C-Bo 3:12
WC- intro C-Bo feat. Spade & Crash 0:40
Wcm Game C-Bo 0:46
WCM Radio a.m. (skit) C-Bo 0:29
WCM Radio p.m. (skit) C-Bo 0:51
WCW Radio (Skit) C-Bo 0:19
We Ain't F***in Wit Y'all C-Bo 4:15
We All Thug Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo feat. COS & Tall Can 4:18
We Come From tha Streets C-Bo 4:34
We Did It C-Bo feat. Spade & Bobby Seals 4:39
We Get Money, We Hustle C-Bo & San Quinn 3:54
We Jus Crip'n C-Bo 4:29
We Racked Up C-Bo 3:16
We Want It Too $hort feat. C-Bo 3:51
We Won't Bacc Down Lil’ Cyco feat. C‐Bo, Young Slick & Sugga 4:27
We Won´t Back Down Hindu Mafia Family feat. C-Bo, Pupa T, Sugga & Slick ?:??
We're Bac C-Bo 0:20
Weekends C-Bo feat. Bosko 3:52
Weirdo's (Skit) C-Bo 0:27
West & South Riders C-Bo & Rod Dee 3:45
West Coast (featuring 151, Killa Tay & Spade) C-Bo ?:??
West Coast Mafia Gang C-Bo feat. Cool Nutz, Mad Max, H60dsta Rob, Phats Bossi & Speedy 3:11
West Side Yukmouth feat. C-Bo, Glasses Malone & Jayo Felony 5:32
Westcoast 151 feat. Killa Tay & C-Bo 4:05
WestCoast California C-Bo feat. Spice 1 & Mississippi 4:02
What Cha Need (featuring Aobie) C-Bo ?:??
What U No Bout (featuring Outlawz) C-Bo ?:??
What U Want Nigga? C-Bo 4:01
What Up AP.9 feat. C-Bo & Lil' C-Style 3:24
What Yo Life Like C‐Bo, Lil’ Cyco & Yukmouth 3:50
What You Know About It Messy Marv & T‐Nutty feat. C-Bo and Young Meek 4:36
What You Need C-Bo 4:12
What! Messy Marv feat. C-Bo 2:21
When It Comes to Get Money C-Bo, Spice 1 & Yukmouth 3:38
Where You Want Me C‐Bo, Young Streets & T‐Dot 3:24
White Walls C-Bo feat. Trae Tha Truth 1:42

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