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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Paper Made C-Bo 3:35
Party Tonite C-Bo feat. Yukmouth 4:52
Patiently Waitin' Yukmouth feat. C-Bo 2:46
Payback C-Bo, Tha Realest, The Jacka & Gonzoe ?:??
Peel Out C-Bo feat. Juvenile 3:31
Phone Check #1 (Skit) Fed-X, C-Bo, Yukmouth, J-Diggs, Mike Mosley, Ampichino & C-4 2:28
Picture Me Ballin' C-Bo 3:19
Picture Me Rollin 2Pac feat. Kurupt, Big Syke & C-Bo ?:??
Pimpin' and Jackin' C-Bo feat. Too $hort 4:20
Play 4G C-Bo 4:02
Play'n Wit' Me Yukmouth feat. C‐Bo, Lil’ Cyco & Young Buck 3:05
PlayerTo Player C-Bo feat. Allie Baba 4:27
Prepare to Die Mob Figaz feat. C-Bo, Huccabucc & Young Meek 4:27
Professional Ballers C-Bo feat. Marvaless, Pizzo, Mac Mall, JT tha Bigga Figga & Killa Tay 4:22
Put Some Work In C-Bo & Killa Tay 3:40
Put The Clip In Young Noble & Young Buck feat. C-Bo 3:14
R&B Diva C-Bo 2:35
Rag Lo-Lo's C-Bo ?:??
Raised in Hell C-Bo feat. Big Syke 4:22
Ral Niggas C-Bo feat. The Mob Figgas 4:31
Rat Head C-Bo feat. Young Meek 3:55
Rat Heads (feat. Young Meek) C-Bo 3:54
Real Life Philthy Rich & M Dot 80 feat. C-Bo 4:34
Real Nigga C-Bo feat. E-40 3:43
Real Nigga C-Bo feat. E-40 3:45
Real Niggaz (featuring Aobie & Phats Bossi) C-Bo ?:??
Realer Than Real C-Bo 3:01
Realest N*ggas Around C-Bo, 151, Lil' Cyco & Gotti 5:58
Reason Of The Siccness X‐Raided feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo 4:44
Recognize A G C-Bo & Killa Tay feat. Swoop G 4:13
Rep Yo' Hood C-Bo feat. EyesLow 2:35
Reppin My Hood C-Bo & Yukmouth feat. G-Dub & Mississippi 4:02
Represent Yo Turf C-Bo & San Quinn 4:07
Rich B*tch C-Bo, Lee Majors & AP.9 3:11
Ride Celly Cel feat. C-Bo 3:51
Ride 'til We Die C-Bo feat. 151 & Mob Figgas 4:32
Ride For A Nigga C-Bo & Killa Tay feat. Yukmouth 3:49
Ride Till We Die C-Bo feat. WC 3:49
Ride Wit Us Gangsta feat. C-Bo & Jayo Felony 4:24
Ridin for Mines C-Bo & Killa Tay 3:58
Ridin On My Bumper C-Bo feat. Da Misses 4:20
Ridin' Wit Me Lil’ Cyco feat. C‐Bo & Tha Realest 3:58
Rillas in tha Game Marv/Mitch & LeMay feat. C-Bo 4:32
Roll On C-Bo feat. MC Eiht 4:08
Roll Wit Me C-Bo feat. Erica & Jobi 3:43
Routine Check C-Bo ?:??
Sacramento King C-Bo 4:36
Salute the West WestCoast Stone & Killa Tay feat. C-Bo, Kokane & Wratchet Wrico 4:05
Same Niggaz C-Bo feat. Domination & D‐Mac 4:18
Say Bout Me C-Bo, Killa Tay & Fed-X 6:16
Say Boys San Quinn feat. C-Bo & Killa Tay 4:18
Scratch From C-Bo 3:27
See Me C-Bo 3:51
See The Light Marvaless feat. C-Bo 3:59
Seesaw C-Bo feat. Lunasicc & Checkmate 4:01
She Like It C-Bo 3:01
Shitzofrantik (featuring E-Loc) C-Bo ?:??
Shots Out C-Bo 4:49
Show You Who Gangsta Yukmouth feat. Trae & C-Bo 4:57
Sky's tha Limit Messy Marv & Berner feat. C-Bo, Killa Tay & Maserati Rick 3:59
Smells Like C-Bo 3:19
Smoke Bomb C-Bo 3:27
Smoke Break C-Bo 3:05
Smoke Break (Instrumental) C-Bo ?:??
Smokin' da Bomb Marvaless feat. C-Bo & Rup Dog 5:07
Smoking Bomb C-Bo 3:27
So Fresh C-Bo feat. Yukmouth & 151 5:05
So Fresh (feat. Yukmouth) C-Bo 5:06
So Gone Lil’ Flip feat. C Bo & Big Shasta 2:28
So Much Chedda C-Bo feat. Killa Tay 4:19
So Real (Remix) Young Bleed, C-Bo & Telly Mac 3:55
Somthing Better Hindu Mafia Family feat. C-Bo, Miss Dee, Sugga & Slick ?:??
Speaks C-Bo 0:13
Spray Yourself C-Bo feat. Yukmouth 4:36
Stay on It Yukmouth feat. C-Bo & Dyson 2:55
Still In Da Hood Lil’ Cyco feat. C‐Bo & Killa Tay 3:41
Still Mashin' C-Bo feat. Flow & Pizzo 4:24
Still on Parole C-Bo ?:??
Still Ridin' C-Bo & Captain Save'm 3:12
Stompin in My Steel Toes C-Bo feat. Marvaless 4:02
Stompin’ in My Street C-Bo feat. Dual Committee 5:13
Story To Tell C-Bo 5:27
Str8 Killa 2K5 Bluez Brotherz feat. C-Bo 4:49
Straight Killa C-Bo ?:??
Straight Killer C-Bo 5:28
Straight Killer C-Bo 5:28
Straight Killer (Pt.2 remix) C-Bo 6:11
Straight Killer (remix) C-Bo 6:11
Strap C-Bo feat. Marvaless, Checkmate & Zay Money 4:50
Street Life C-Bo 3:57
Street Life C-Bo 3:59
Street Life C-Bo 3:58
Street Life C-Bo & Tha Realest 3:44
Street N*gga Rydah J. Klyde feat. C-Bo 3:55
Street Nigga C-Bo feat. Krytykal 4:36
Superstar C-Bo & Cyco 2:38
Survival 1st C-Bo 4:54
Survival 1st C-Bo, Lunasicc & Marvaless 4:19
Survival in the Garden C-Bo 3:10
Take It How You Want Too C-Bo feat. Marvaless 3:58

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