Name ISRCs Rating Length
Actors + Spectators 2:48
Always On 2:48
Christmas in Hollis 3:39
Confessions of a Dangerous Mouth 4 2:22
Confessions of a Dangerous Mouth 2:46
Dead Flowers Everywhere 2:38
Dead Flowers Forever 2:36
Dead Flowers Forever 2:36
Deaf Before Dishonor 4:27
Desperation Is a Stinky Cologne 3 3:31
Every Great Western 2:51
Every Great Western (demo) 2:43
Everything Is a Commercial 2:49
Freedom vs. the Perception of Necessity 3:36
Generation Vexed 2:43
Generation Vexed 2:41
Gotta Get Out of Here 3:38
Gotta Get Out of Here 3:38
Gotta Get Out of Here 3:37
Gotta Get Out of Here (remix) 2:19
Gotta Get Outta Here 3:35
Gotta Get Outta Here 3:36
In Case I Die Tonight 2:44
Knives on 45’s 3:10
Let Your Mamma Know 2:22
Little Miss Apocalypse 2:42
Matchbook Poets 3:01
Paranoia Is a Skill 2:53
Romance Is Dead 2:18
Shout Out Loud 3:03
Spectacle City 2:34
The Best Way to Beat a Mid-Life Crisis (Is to Be Dead) 3:11
This Is the Way We Move 2:43
Tools of the Tirade 3:22
Undead Flowers 1968 3:56
We Write Our Own Anthems 3:23

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