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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
00:00 Confide 2:01
80B Confide 3:15
80B Confide 3:13
Angels and Demons Confide ?:??
Artax Confide ?:??
Barely Breathing Confide 3:44
Barely Breathing Confide 3:41
Burning Bridges Confide 2:49
Can't See the Forest for the Trees Confide 2:26
City to City Confide 2:41
Days Are Gone Confide 3:36
Dead Letter Confide ?:??
Delete, Repeat Confide 3 2:40
Delete, Repeat Confide 2:44
Delete, Repeat Confide 2:41
Do You Believe Me Now? Confide 4:02
Dreaming a Reality Confide ?:??
Give Me a Voice (Interlude) Confide 3:08
Holes Confide 3:10
I Am Scared of Me Confide 3:31
I Never Saw It Coming Confide 3:31
I Wont Let You Go Confide 3:07
If We Were a Sinking Ship Confide 3 3:20
If We Were a Sinking Ship Confide 3:16
In Reference to Something Greater Confide ?:??
In Reply Confide 3:42
Livin' the Dream Confide 3:29
Love Paid With Death Confide ?:??
Millstone Confide 3:14
Move On Confide 2:31
My Choice of Words Confide 3:35
My Choice of Words Confide 3:32
Now or Never Confide 3:26
Now or Never Confide 3:24
People Are Crazy Confide 2:50
People Are Crazy Confide 2:47
Real Life Confide 3:08
Rise Up Confide 3:05
Role Reversal Confide 2:44
Somewhere to Call Home Confide 3:37
Sooner or Later Confide 3:37
Such Great Heights Confide 4:24
Talking in Riddles and Metaphors Confide ?:??
Tell Me I'm Not Alone Confide feat. Brandon Wronski 3:22
Tell Me I'm Not Alone Confide 3:20
The Architect Confide ?:??
The Bigger Picture Confide 2:39
The Difference Between a Whisper and a Scream Confide ?:??
The View From My Eyes Confide 3:38
The View From My Eyes Confide 3:36
This I Believe Confide 2:25
Tighten It Up Confide 3:29
Tighten It Up Confide 3:26
Time After Time Confide 3:07
Too Many Grasshoppers to Maintain the Harvest Confide ?:??
Unhappy Together, Unhappy Alone Confide 3:50
Vultures Among the Dead Confide 3:10
We Just Wanted Freedom Confide 3:10
When Heaven is Silent Confide 2:56
When Heaven Is Silent Confide 2:54
Write This Down Confide 3:16
Write This Down Confide 3:15
Zeal Confide 2:55

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