Mike Caffrey

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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Being From New Jersey Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry Cobra Starship 2:07
Bring It (Snakes on a Plane) Cobra Starship 3:15
Girlfriend Avril Lavigne 3:37
Hot Avril Lavigne 3:23
I Kissed a Girl Katy Perry 3:00
I Kissed a Girl (Dr. Luke & Benny Blanco remix) Katy Perry 3:28
I Kissed a Girl (Jason Nevins Funkrokr extended mix) Katy Perry 6:51
It's Amateur Night at the Apollo Creed! Cobra Starship 3:09
It's Warmer in the Basement Cobra Starship 2:57
Keep Holding On Avril Lavigne 3:59
Keep It Simple Cobra Starship 4:10
Pop-Punk Is Sooooo '05 Cobra Starship 3:01
Send My Love to the Dancefloor, I'll See You in Hell (Hey Mister DJ) Cobra Starship 3:48
The Ballad of Big Poppa and Diamond Girl Cobra Starship 3:27
The Church of Hot Addiction Cobra Starship 3:41
The Kids Are All Fucked Up Cobra Starship 4:15
You Can't Be Missed If You Never Go Away Cobra Starship 3:21
2005-05 44 guitar Richard Müller 4:46
2005-05 Do smrti guitar Richard Müller 6:07
2005-05 Už to tak vyzerá guitar Richard Müller 3:50
V.V. guitar and solo Richard Müller
Filip II (Soni Müllerovej) Richard Müller 5:58
Gdo by xcel? (oficiálna RM vianočná pieseň 06) Richard Müller 5:52
Nabúral som sa do Teba (pod Manderlákom) Richard Müller 4:31
Najprv (Vaw!) Richard Müller 5:21
One Way Ticket (...?) Richard Müller 2:01
Strong Pain (Andrejka M.) Richard Müller 3:48
Život je zázračný (intro) Richard Müller 0:34
Život je zázračný / Hard Pain Richard Müller 1:55
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers Coheed and Cambria 3:12
2005-05 44 Richard Müller