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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650030 2:46
[untitled] (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650020 2:46
2 Flights MadeinTYO QMRSZ1802092 2:17
Addicted to Power MadeinTYO QMRSZ1802099 2:31
Bachelor A$AP Mob feat. A$AP Rocky, Lil Yachty, MadeinTYO & Offset 2:56
Backwood 24hrs feat. MadeinTYO & Mynamephin 3:30
Bool'n MadeinTYO 4:42
Bool’n (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650010 4:21
Bool’n (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650005 3:28
Broken Hearts (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650021 2:24
Broken Hearts (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650011 2:25
Cashing Out (explicit) MadeinTYO QMRSZ1702079 2:47
Celebration B. Streets Riley feat. Royce Rizzy, Phin tha Weirdo & Jamaal Davis ?:??
Champagne 24hrs feat. MadeinTYO 2:38
Chucky Cheese MadeinTYO QMRSZ1802091 2:45
Depends (explicit) MadeinTYO QMRSZ1702078 2:57
Drip (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650026 3:16
Drip (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650016 3:17
Eating (explicit) MadeinTYO QMRSZ1702081 3:17
Figure It Out MadeinTYO feat. Gunna QMRSZ1802097 3:34
GOAT Life MadeinTYO 2:29
Gucci Polo (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650024 3:32
Gucci Polo (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650014 3:33
Gwinnett (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650028 3:13
Gwinnett (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650018 3:14
I Want (clean) MadeinTYO feat. 2 Chainz QM4HH1610013 3:52
I Want (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650009 2:11
I Want (explicit) MadeinTYO feat. 2 Chainz QM4HH1610012 3:53
I Want (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650004 2:12
I Want (Skr Skr) MadeinTYO 2:26
Jerry $tackhouse MadeinTYO 2:43
Jump MadeinTYO QMRSZ1802098 2:51
JustLikeMyPiss Ski Mask, the Slump God feat. MadeinTYO 3:12
Kelly Rowland MadeinTYO 2:36
Kelly Rowland (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650008 2:53
Kelly Rowland (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650003 2:53
LAMN Left Brain feat. MadeinTYO ?:??
Learn How to Watch Carnage feat. Mac Miller & MadeinTYO 2:02
Leftovers (Interlude) MadeinTYO 1:02
Lemon Peppers (Wet) MadeinTYO 2:15
Lil Bih MadeinTYO feat. 24hrs QMRSZ1802094 2:50
Lil Favorite (clean) Ty Dolla $ign feat. MadeinTYO USAT21703966 3:14
Lil Favorite (explicit) Ty Dolla $ign feat. MadeinTYO USAT21703932 3:13
Lose It (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650025 3:12
Lose It (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650015 3:13
Margiela Problems MadeinTYO feat. Blood Orange QMRSZ1802100 3:07
Match Hunters Xavier Wulf feat. MadeinTYO 2:29
Morning MadeinTYO 2:08
Moshi Moshi MadeinTYO QMRSZ1802095 1:16
Mr. Tokyo (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650023 3:03
Mr. Tokyo (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650013 3:04
MY WORD 24hrs & MadeinTYO ?:??
Nawfside Shawty MadeinTYO 2:39
Nawfside Shawty (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650007 2:21
Nawfside Shawty (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650002 2:22
Ned Flanders MadeinTYO feat. A$AP Ferg QMRSZ1800848 2:41
Need Dat Pack MadeinTYO 3:24
No Cap 24hrs & Slicklaflare feat. MadeinTYO 3:37
On the Map MadeinTYO QMRSZ1802089 2:58
One Night Savage A$AP Ferg feat. MadeinTYO 2:32
One Night Savage (clean) A$AP Ferg feat. MadeinTYO USRC11701808 2:33
Outstanding MadeinTYO QMRSZ1801730 2:42
Retro 88 MadeinTYO QMRSZ1802090 2:11
Sauce Royce Rizzy feat. Madeintyo 3:24
Savage MadeinTYO 3:29
Savage (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650006 2:11
Savage (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650001 2:12
Savannah Sunset MadeinTYO feat. Tinashe QMRSZ1802101 3:38
Shake It Up G‐Eazy feat. E-40, MadeinTYO & 24hrs USRC11701152 4:50
Shake It Up (clean) G‐Eazy feat. E-40, MadeinTYO & 24hrs USRC11701153 4:50
Skateboard P (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650022 2:59
Skateboard P (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650012 3:00
Spanish Jawn (Outro) MadeinTYO 2:09
Takin' Off MadeinTYO 1:52
Taking It Back (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650029 2:35
Taking It Back (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650019 2:36
Talk to Me Alrahim Wright III feat. Callion & MadeinTYO 3:59
TEAR IT DOWN 24hrs & MadeinTYO ?:??
Time of Her Life (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650027 2:46
Time of Her Life (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1650017 2:47
Too Quick (explicit) MadeinTYO QMRSZ1702080 3:04
True’s World (explicit) MadeinTYO QMRSZ1702077 2:37
Uber Everywhere MadeinTYO 2:23
Uber Everywhere MadeinTYO & The Private Club 2:34
Uber Everywhere MadeinTYO 2:33
Uber Everywhere (clean) MadeinTYO feat. Travis Scott QM4HH1610015 3:01
Uber Everywhere (clean) MadeinTYO QM4HH1610002 2:33
Uber Everywhere (explicit) MadeinTYO QM4HH1610001 4 2:33
Uber Everywhere (explicit) MadeinTYO feat. Travis Scott QM4HH1610014 3:01
Uber Everywhere (spüke remix) MadeinTYO ?:??
Whats Gwannin MadeinTYO feat. Roy Woods QMRSZ1802096 4:24
Whoeva MadeinTYO 2:24
Yah Dig (explicit) MadeinTYO QMRSZ1702082 1:38
YOU 24hrs & MadeinTYO ?:??
YSL BOOTS 24hrs & MadeinTYO ?:??

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