Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Lyrics Languages Attributes Rating
4 Real Song
A Complicated Song Song
  • eng
  • 17706087 (BMI ID)
Alice Song
  • eng
All Because of You Song
All the Small Things Song
  • eng
  • 310442723 (ASCAP ID)
All You Will Never Know Song
Alone Song
Anything but Ordinary Song
Bad Reputation Song
  • eng
  • 80218 (BMI ID)
Basket Case Song
  • eng
  • 320411809 (ASCAP ID)
Black Star Song
Breakaway Song
  • eng
Cheers (Drink to That) Song
  • eng
Chop Suey! Song
  • eng
Complicated Song
Contagious Song
Dancing Crazy Song
Darlin Song
Daydream Song
Don’t Tell Me Song
Everybody Hurts Song
Everything Back but You Song
Fall to Pieces Song
Falling Down Song
Forgotten Song
Freak Out Song
  • eng
Get Over It Song
Girlfriend Song
  • eng
  • 371411295 (ASCAP ID)
Girlfriend (Spanish version) Song
  • spa
  • eng
Girlfriend (French version) Song
  • fra
Girlfriend (German version) Song
  • deu
Girlfriend (Italian version) Song
  • ita
Girlfriend (Japanese version) Song
  • jpn
Girlfriend (Mandarin version)
  • cmn
Girlfriend (Portuguese version) Song
  • por
Girlfriend (remix) Song
Goodbye Song
Guten Morgen Song
He Wasn’t Song
Hello Kitty Song
  • eng
  • 885745112 (ASCAP ID)
  • 16480689 (BMI ID)
  • 77222598 (SOCAN ID)
Here's to Never Growing Up
  • eng
Hot Song
Hot (Japanese version)
How Does It Feel Song
How You Remind Me
  • eng
I Always Get What I Want Song
I Can Do Better Song
I Don’t Give Song
I Don’t Have to Try Song
I Don’t Wanna Song
I Love You Song
I Will Be Song
I’m With You Song
Imagine Song
  • eng
  • 713414 (BMI ID)
Innocence Song
  • eng
Ironic Song
  • eng
  • 3560700-001 (GEMA ID)
Keep Holding On Song
  • eng
Kiss Me Song
  • eng
  • 410131763 (ASCAP ID)
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Song
  • eng
  • 514919 (SESAC ID)
Let Me Go Song
  • eng
  • 885978430 (ASCAP ID)
  • 15002261 (BMI ID)
  • 77532368 (SOCAN ID)
Losing Grip Song
Love Revolution
  • eng
Make-Up Song
Mobile Song
Move My Little Self On Song
My Happy Ending Song
My World Song
Naked Song
Nobody’s Fool Song
Nobody’s Home Song
Not Enough Song
Not the Only One Song
Once and for Real Song
One of Those Girls Song
Push Song
Remember When Song
Rock n Roll
  • eng
Runaway Song
Sk8er Boi Song
Slipped Away Song
Smile Song
Song 2 (“woo hoo”) Song
  • eng
  • 4169152-001 (GEMA ID)
SpongeBob SquarePants Theme
Stay (Be the One) Song
Stop Standing There Song
Take It Song
Take Me Away (Let Go era b-side) Song
Take Me Away Song
The Best Damn Thing Song
The Scientist
  • eng
Things I’ll Never Say Song
TiK ToK Song
  • eng
  • 506366570 (ASCAP ID)
  • 11138005 (BMI ID)
Together Song
Tomorrow Song
  • eng
Too Much to Ask Song
Unwanted Song
What the Hell Song