夢みるPLANET荻野目洋子 with ウゴウゴ・ルーガ8cm CD4
  • JP1993-05-21
Victor (Japanese “His Master’s Voice” imprint)VIDL-103554988002276516
DE‐LUXE荻野目洋子 with ウゴウゴ・ルーガCD11
  • JP1993-07-21
Victor (Japanese “His Master’s Voice” imprint)VICL-230764988002279326
DE‐LUXE荻野目洋子 with ウゴウゴ・ルーガCassette11
  • JP1993-07-21
Victor (Japanese “His Master’s Voice” imprint)VITL-23011
DE‐LUXE (+10)荻野目洋子 with ウゴウゴ・ルーガSHM-CD21
  • JP2010-05-19
Victor (Japanese “His Master’s Voice” imprint)VICL-700664988002592449
夢みるPLANET荻野目洋子 with ウゴウゴ・ルーガDigital Media4
  • XW2013-12-18
Victor (Japanese “His Master’s Voice” imprint)4988002276516
DE‐LUXE荻野目洋子 with ウゴウゴ・ルーガDigital Media11
  • XW2014-10-15
Victor (Japanese “His Master’s Voice” imprint)VEATP-320714988002682959
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