Ali Akbar Khan (Indian classical musician, sarod player)

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This artist is often credited as Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.
Ustad is an honorific given to performers of great talent and ability.

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1956Music of India: Morning and Evening RāgasUstad Ali Akbar Khan & Pandit Chatur Lal3
1964The Master Musicians of IndiaRavi Shankar & Ustad Ali Akbar Khan3
1964North Indian Master Of The SarodAli Akbar Khan1
1965The Soul of Indian MusicAli Akbar Khan1
1965Shree / Sindhu BhairaviRavi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan1
1966Morning And Evening RagasUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1967Raaga-Medhavi / Raaga-BairagiUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1967Raga Kirwani / Raga Imni BilawalRajdulari Aliakbar Khan / Ustad Ali Akbar Khan1
1967Sound of the SarodAli Akbar Khan1
1968Flowers of Evil (Les fleurs de mal)Yvette Mimieux / Ustad Ali Akbar Khan2
1968Raga Des Malhar / Raga Nat BhairavAli Akbar Khan1
1968The Forty Minute Raga: Raga MarwaAli Akbar Khan1
1969Shree RagAli Akbar Khân1
1969The 80 Minute RagaAli Akbar Khan2
1973SarodUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1974Raga Alamgiri - Raga Jogiya-KalengraUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1976Karuna SupremeJohn Handy + Ali Akbar Khan1
1977Ustad Ali Akbar Khan - Raga MalayalamUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1978Raga Suha-Todi & Raga ChhayanatAli Akbar Khan1
1980From The Concert HallUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1983The Great Genius of SarodAli Akbar Khan1
1984Raga Mishra Piloo - Duet for Sitar & SarodRavi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan2
1987Live From DelhiAli Akbar Khan1
1989SarodAli Akbar Khan1
1990JourneyAli Akbar Khan2
1990Traditional Music of IndiaAli Akbar Khan2
1992Indian ArchitexturePadmavibhushan Dr. Ali Akbar Khan2
1993Garden of DreamsAli Akbar Khan1
1994Signature Series, Volume 4Ali Akbar Khan & Nikhil Banerjee1
1994Signature Series, Volume 3Ali Akbar Khan2
1994Signature Series, Volume 1Ali Akbar Khan1
1994Morning VisionsUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1994Two Originals: Karuna Supreme & RainbowJohn Handy & Ali Akbar Khan1
1995From IndiaRavi Shankar & Ustad Ali Akbar Khan1
1995Then and Now: The Music of the Great Master ContinuesAli Akbar Khan1
1996DuetUstad Ali Akbar Khan & L. Subramaniam1
1996Passing On the TraditionAli Akbar Khan1
1996Signature Series, Volume 2Ali Akbar Khan1
1996Legacy: 16th–18th Century Music From IndiaAli Akbar Khan1
2002From Father to Son (Ragini Puriya Dhanasri)Ali Akbar Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri, Alam Khan1
2002PeerlessAli Akbar Khan1
2003Swara SamratAli Akbar Khan1
2008More Flowers of IndiaRavi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan1
2010Psychedelic IndiaAli Akbar Khan, Ravi Shankar & Ustad Amir Khan1
2012Sangeet Sangam, Vol. VIL. Subramaniam & Ustad Ali Akbar Khan1
2013Emperor of MelodyAli Akbar Khan1
2014RainbowAli Akbar Khan, John Handy & L. Subramaniam1
Artistic Sound of SarodAli Akbar Khan1
Plays Alap: A Sarod SoloAli Akbar Khan1
Rare RagasAli Akbar Khan1
The Greatest Hits OfRavi Shankar & Ustad Ali Akbar Khan1

Album + Compilation

1973RagasRavi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan2
1988Master MusicianUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
1997Sarod, Volume 1Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 2Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 3Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 4Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 5Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 6Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 7Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 8Ali Akbar Khan1
2001Sarod, Volume 9Ali Akbar Khan1
2007Psychedelic Music Of IndiaUstad Ali Akbar Khan / Ustad Vilayat Khan1
2011The Great Heritage - Ustad Ali Akbar KhanAli Akbar Khan1
2018The Rough Guide to Ali Akbar KhanAli Akbar Khan1

Album + Live

1973In Concert 1972Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan with Alla Rakha4
1993Plays Alap - A Sarod SoloUstad Ali Akbar Khan1
2020Bear's Sonic Journals: That Which Colors the MindAli Akbar Khan with Indranil Bhattacharya and Zakir Hussain2

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