Joshua Logan

~ Person


Wikidata: Q505141 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Joshua Logan [info]


Date Title
“Ah hello… you make trouble for me?”
“All right, let’s start those trucks”
“Hello, is that a new American song?”
“It is my great pleasure to bring you our skipper…”
“Oh, and what’s that flower over there?”
“One waits so long for what is good”
“Say, is that a boar’s tooth bracelet on your wrist?”
“So tell us Nellie, what did old Ironbelly want?”
“So when you joined the Navy…”
“Well, de Beque, I take off pretty soon for Marie Louise…”
“What should I do, Captain?”
“Will you come to my party Friday?”
“You wait, Lootellan…”
Higher and Higher
South Pacific (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical)
Wish You Were Here (1952 musical)