Name ISRCs Rating Length
(I Can Have) Attitude 3:48
Be on the Safe Side 3:36
Be Political, Not Polite 4:39
Best Friends 4:44
Brave Boys 4:36
Burning Angels 2:55
Carnival People 3:45
Cat and Mouse 3:08
Closet Case 2:42
Closing Chapter 3:26
Don't Sleep With Your Ex 3:24
Don't Use Your Penis (For a Brain) 4:27
Don't Use Your Penis (For a Brain) 4:07
Emotional Rollercoaster 4:38
Family of Lovers 3:26
Functional Illiteracy 2:16
Give Me a Homosexual 2:59
Give Me a Homosexual 3:02
Guilt Trip 4:15
He Is My L-O-V-E-R 3:28
He Wasn't Talking to Me 2:54
Ho Ho Homophobia 4:37
Homophobes in Robes 3:40
Homophobia 3:56
Hymn 3:10
I Like to Polka 3:20
I Met a Man 4:09
I've Created a Monster 5:02
If There Is a God (He's a Queen) 5:01
If There Is a God (He's a Queen) 3:39
Intro 0:16
Island Song 3:17
Journal Entry 3:54
Let's Flaunt It! 1:37
Living in the Nuclear Age 3:43
Living With AIDS 4:22
Lost Emotions 2:52
Love Is All It Takes 4:38
Love Is All It Takes (To Make a Family) 4:35
Missy and Heidi 1:43
Mom's Speech Impediment 2:08
Must've Been Drunk 2:24
My Mother's Clothes 3:18
No False Hope 3:48
Oh No .. I'm in Love 3:32
Oh No ... I'm in Love (With My Therapist) 3:31
Once Upon a Time 3:41
One of the Enemy 3:32
One Way Out 3:29
Outfield Blues 3:20
Paint by Numbers (Song for Frances) 4:51
Politics and Fashion 0:09
Prozac in the Water 0:39
Queers in the Closet 3:23
Red Moon Over Boston 2:48
She Has a Thing (For Men Who Love Men) 4:01
Some of My Best Friends Are Straight 3:06
Some of My Best Friends Are Straight 3:09
Straightening Up the House 3:33
Tango Indigesto 5:31
The Answering Machine Song 3:01
The Homosexual Agenda and Special Rights 1:13
The Last Ones to Know 3:56
The Only Woman I Ever... 0:50
The Prince Charming Tango 2:57
The Prince Charming Tango 3:05
The Sodomy Song 2:27
The Woman Next Door 3:49
These Things 4:14
To Myself 3:25
Trouble in Paradise 2:49
Two Person Strong 2:18
Waltz for the New Age 3:31
Wanted: For Sodomy 1:04
What Kind of Self Respecting Faggot / Politically Correct Lesbian Am I? 4:06
What Kind of Self-Respecting Faggot Am I? 3:41
When Hetrosexism Strikes 3:43
When I Look Into Your Eyes 3:29
Wimp 2:57
Womb Envy 3:58

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