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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
2000-10-27Babylon (Dillinja mix)Splash3:23
2000-10-27Body CountUsual Suspects3:36
2000-10-27Crazy (A-Sides VIP mix)A-Sides & MC Fats4:33
2000-10-27CrucifixionBad Company UK & Trace4:43
2000-10-27Drowning (AK1200 remix)Cleveland Lounge6:00
2000-10-27Dubplate (Total Science remix)Wots My Code4:04
2000-10-27EvolutionDylan & Loxy3:14
2000-10-27ForcefieldDJ Kontrol5:27
2000-10-27Game 9 (A-Sides vocal mix)Fire & Theft4:38
2000-10-27HangmanMoving Fusion & Shimon5:17
2000-10-27KilosDJ Dara4:49
2000-10-27KrossfireSpecial K5:09
2000-10-27Lighter (remix)Sound of the Future4:45
2000-10-27Make Me FeelTotal Science4:06
2000-10-27Remote ControlPhantom Audio4:09
2000-10-27Waterhouse DubDigital5:41
1nce Again (Twister mix) (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)A Tribe Called Quest feat. Aphrodite5:47
Burn (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Kazmir4:31
Cobra (feat. Keen) (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)L Double4:59
Definition (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Danny Breaks6:46
Drum Trip (Dom & Roland Chaos Edit) (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Kaotic Chemistry3:12
Enemy Infiltration (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)United Future Organization3:31
Funky Sound (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)AK12004:39
His Own Mind (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Time Slip4:20
Invasion (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Teebee1:47
Keep Fit (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Chemical Agents5:01
Paper Cut (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Mr. Mendez & Element5:21
Raid (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Stratus4:52
Rokket (feat. TX Ranger) (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Jeffee1:51
Roswell (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Praying Mantis3:11
Sonix (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Aquasky4:35
Square Dropper (The Dirty Club mix) (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Time Slip3:14
Y'All (AK 1200 Remix) (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Jack London5:24
Deep Porn (VIP mix)Dave MinnerAK1200 & Danny Breaks?:??
Long WeekendDave MinnerGridlok & AK12004:41
Real JusticeDave MinnerAK12004:41
The DarkDavid MinnerLiquid + AK12005:53
The LightDavid MinnerLiquid + AK12005:04
Blow (AK1200 remix)Keoki5:23
Drowning (AK1200 remix)Cleveland Lounge6:33
Drowning (AK1200 remix)Cleveland Lounge?:??
Drowning (AK1200 remix)Cleveland Lounge6:00
FLooRi.D.A. (AK 1200's Epic Lounge mix)Rabbit in the Moon9:22
Keep Hope Alive (AK1200's Wild Ride)The Crystal Method5:23
Keep Hope Alive (AK1200's Wild Ride)The Crystal Method7:37
Long in the Tooth (AK & Son megamix)Dave MinnerPIG vs Primitive Race4:11
Pure Ether (Big Riddim mix)Prong4:41
Y'All (AK 1200 Remix) (part of “Lock & Roll” dj‐mix; AK1200)Jack London5:24
Autopsymedium 1AK1200 & Gridlok
Fully AutomaticVarious Artists
Moonshine Over America Tour, San FranciscoAK1200 w/ MC Navigator
Prepare for AssaultAK1200
Sub Base Classics: The Drum & Bass Mix by AK1200Various Artists
Weapons of TomorrowAK1200
Real JusticeDave MinnerAK1200
The Rave Revival, Vol. 1David MinnerLiquid + AK1200
Real JusticeDave MinnerAK1200
The Rave Revival, Vol. 1David MinnerLiquid + AK1200
Long WeekendDave Minner
Real JusticeDave Minner
The DarkDavid Minner
The LightDavid Minner
Deep PornDave Minner