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1995FreedomDJ Food1
2000DJing Live on the BreezeblockDJ Food1
2009Kraftwerk Kover Kollection, Volume 6DJ Food1
2012Kraftwerk Kover Kollection, Volume 7DJ Food1
2012Kraftwerk Kover Kollection, Volume 3DJ Food1
2012Kraftwerk Kover Kollection, Volume 4DJ Food1
2012Kraftwerk Kover Kollection, Volume 5DJ Food1


2008You Don't Know Ninja Cuts DJ Food's 1000 Mask MixDJ Food1


2009Blech 20.1DJ Food1
2010Blech 20.2DJ Food1


1990Jazz Brakes, Volume 1DJ Food3
1991Jazz Brakes, Volume 2DJ Food3
1992Jazz Brakes, Volume 3DJ Food3
1993Jazz Brakes, Volume 4DJ Food3
1994Jazz Brakes, Volume 5DJ Food3
1995A Recipe for DisasterDJ Food5
1996Refried Food Parts 1 & 2DJ Food1
1996Refried Food Parts 5 & 6DJ Food1
2000KaleidoscopeDJ Food5
2011The Search EngineDJ Food34
2012The Good Food GuideDJ Food1
2021Kaleidoscope CompanionDJ Food2

Album + Compilation

1996Refried FoodDJ Food6

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1996Cold Krush CutsColdcut & DJ Food vs. DJ Krush4
2001Solid Steel Presents DJ Food & DK: "Now, Listen!"DJ Food & DK2
2007Solid Steel Presents DJ Food & DK: "Now, Listen Again!"DJ Food & DK2
2007Remember the Future?DJ Food1
2008You Don't Know: DJ Food's 1000 Masks MixDJ Food1


1994PeaceDJ Food2
1995Refried Food, Part 2DJ Food1
1995A Dub Plate of FoodDJ Food1
1996Refried Food Parts 3 & 4DJ Food1
2000A Dub Plate of Food, Volume 2DJ Food2
2001Quadraplex EPDJ Food1
2009One Man's Weird Is Another Man's WorldDJ Food3
2009The Shape of Things That HumDJ Food2
2011Magpies, Maps and MoonsDJ Food3
2012The Illectrik HoaxDJ Food & Amorphous Androgynous2

Other + Compilation + DJ-mix

2005Raiding the 20th Century (Words & Music Expansion)DJ Food2
2015Music On a ShoestringDJ Food / Strictly Kev1
2021DJ Food’s Oona SelectaDJ Food1

Broadcast + Compilation + DJ-mix

2004Kraftwerk Kover Kollection, Volume 2DJ Food1
2012Kraftwerk Kover Kollection, Volume 1DJ Food1
2015Solid Steel (Selected Aphex Works)DJ Food1

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