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Score Name Sort Name Type Gender Area Begin Begin Area End End Area
100 Fake (Electro-industrial / dark electro project of Clint Carney) Fake Person Male United States
100 Fake (Finnish pop band) Fake Group Finland
100 Fake (Dutch band) Fake Group Netherlands
100 FAKE? (Japanese band) FAKE? Group Japan 2002
100 Fake (Deutschpunk) Fake Group Germany
100 Fake (Swedish Italo-disco group, "Brick", "Another Brick") Fake Group Sweden [unknown]
100 Fake (Norwegian/Seattle hard rock band) Fake Group Norway
100 Fake (stage name for Daniel Reetz) Fake Person
100 (faKe) (Nu-metal band) (faKe) Group
100 FAKE (Techno Artist) FAKE
100 Fake (Japanese project of Masami Shinoda) Fake
65 Suck Fake (UK Producer) Fake, Suck Person Male
65 Nathan Fake Fake, Nathan Person United Kingdom 1983-03-01
62 Fake Club (London Based Rock Band) Fake Club Group 2012
62 Fake ID Fake ID
62 Fake 2003 Fake 2003
62 Fake Dead Fake Dead
62 Fake Moss Fake Moss Group 1996
62 Fake Ideal Fake Ideal
62 Fake Fur Fake Fur
62 Fake Blood Fake Blood Person United Kingdom
62 Fake Problems Fake Problems Group United States
62 Crystal Fake Crystal Fake Person
62 Solar Fake Solar Fake Group Germany 2007
62 Fake Organisms Fake Organisms Group

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