A fourteen album box set of CDs in mini-LP sleeves. Includes a 60-page booklet.

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CD 1: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
CD 2: A Saucerful of Secrets
CD 3: Soundtrack From the Film More
CD 4: Ummagumma (live album)
CD 5: Ummagumma (studio album)
CD 6: Atom Heart Mother
CD 7: Meddle
CD 8: Obscured by Clouds
CD 9: The Dark Side of the Moon
CD 10: Wish You Were Here
CD 11: Animals
CD 12: The Wall: CD One
CD 13: The Wall: CD Two
CD 14: The Final Cut
CD 15: A Momentary Lapse of Reason
CD 16: The Division Bell



manufactured in: Europe
effects [Earth noises]: G William Forgey
additional graphic design: Howard Bartrop
Peter Christopherson
Richard Manning (Graphic Art)
Jeff Smith (graphic designer)
additional photography: Howard Bartrop
Peter Christopherson
Angus MacRay
Richard Manning (Graphic Art)
Tony May (Photographer)
Robert Mort (photographer)
Jeff Smith (graphic designer)
art direction: Mekon (visual artist)
design/illustration: Dan Abbott
Artful Dodgers (Graphic Art)
Lee Baker (design artist)
Syd Barrett
Keith Breeden (British artist)
Finlay Cowan
Chris Craske
Peter Curzon
E.R.G. Amsterdam
Jean-Philippe Gallay
George Hardie N.T.A.
Hipgnosis (UK art design group)
Aden Hynes
Sally Norris
John Robertson (sculptor)
Gerald Scarfe
Jerry Sweet
Rupert Truman
John Whitely
executive producer: Norman Smith
graphic design: Peter Curzon
Andrew Ellis (graphic designer)
George Hardie N.T.A.
Hipgnosis (UK art design group)
Nick Mason
Nexus (design/art direction)
Pink Floyd
Storm Thorgerson (graphic designer)
Roger Waters
Ian Wright (illustration)
liner notes: Storm Thorgerson (graphic designer)
mastering: James Guthrie (2011)
Joel Plante (2011)
photography: David Bailey
Rob Brimson
Willie Christie
Peter Curzon
Bob Dowling
Bob Ellis
Hipgnosis (UK art design group)
Dezo Hoffman
Colin Jones (photographer)
Les films du losange
Tony May (Photographer)
Stephen Piotrowski
Aubrey Powell
Colin Prime (photographer)
Richard Shaw (photographer)
Vic Singh
Storm Thorgerson (graphic designer)
Rupert Truman
Nic Tucker
Chris Walters (English photographer)
Andrew Whittuck (photographer)
Lance Williams (photographer)
copyrighted by: Pink Floyd (1987) Ltd. (2011)
Pink Floyd Music Ltd. (2011)
licensed to: EMI Records Ltd. (not for release label use! UK parent of EMI-owned labels until Sept 2012)
manufactured by: Optimal Media Production
Takt (Polish media manufacturer)
rights society: BIEM (Do not use this as a label!)
SDRM (Do not use this as a label!)
mastered at: das boot recording in California, United States (2011)
remaster of: A Momentary Lapse of Reason (2011)
A Saucerful of Secrets (2011)
Animals (2011)
Atom Heart Mother (2011)
Meddle (2011)
Obscured by Clouds (2011)
Soundtrack From the Film “More” (2011)
The Dark Side of the Moon (2011)
The Division Bell (2011)
The Final Cut (2011)
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn by The Pink Floyd (2011)
The Wall (2011)
Ummagumma (2011)
Wish You Were Here (2011)
part of: Why Pink Floyd?
ASIN: UK: B004ZNACA6 [info]
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