12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 War Pigs
4.7 7:56
A2 Paranoid
4.35 2:49
A3 Planet Caravan
4.4 4:26
A4 Iron Man
4.85 5:55
B1 Electric Funeral
4.4 4:50
B2 Hand of Doom
3.4 7:08
B3 Rat Salad
3.75 2:30
B4 Fairies Wear Boots
4.15 6:14


12" Vinyl 1

Geezer Butler (track B1)
Tony Iommi (track B1)
Ozzy Osbourne (track B1)
Bill Ward (track B1)
Geezer Butler (track B1)
Rodger Bain (track A4)
Geezer Butler (tracks A1–A4, B4)
Tony Iommi (tracks A1–A4, B4)
Ozzy Osbourne (tracks A1–A4, B4)
Bill Ward (tracks A1–A4, B4)
Tro Essex Music (track A4)
Warner Bros. Records Inc. (company behind the “WB Records” imprint) (1972 –) (track A4)
sampled by:
Electric Funeral by Snares (track B1)
I Don't Know Why by Kano (track A1)
Intro / Rhyme Pays by Ice‐T (track A1)
Oh No by Girl Talk (track A1)
Paranoid by The Clay People (track A2)
later parody versions:
Homeless Firecult (track A2)
Hullun jenkka (track A2)
Iron Gland (track A4)
Iron Man (track A4)
later translated parody versions:
Chica de Metal (track A4)
later translated versions:
Keijujen kengät (track B4)
Planeettakaravaani (track A3)
Planetarum vagatio (track A3)
Rautamies (track A4)
Sotasiat (track A1)
Sähköhauta (track B1)
Verres militares (track A1)
later versions:
recording of:
Electric Funeral (track B1)
Hand of Doom (track B2)
Iron Man (track A4)
Paranoid (track A2)
Planet Caravan (track A3)
Rat Salad (track B3)
War Pigs (track A1)