The last creative flowering of Miles Davis during the years after he left Colombia where he had been for thirty years up until that point. Notable for a wide range of different styles overlapping in the chronological order of release dates; several film scores, ambitious massed orchestral work harking back to the Gill Evans era, excursions into pop covers, use of contemporary electronic instruments and techniques and inclusion of modern genres such as Hip-Hop and funk and even reggae. Also extremely significant was that, for the one and only time in his life, Miles Davis revisited earlier incarnations of his work and played songs he had long left behind, in stark contrast to his avowed philosophy of ever moving on. This can apparantly be attributed to the fact that he realised that he might not have had long left to go in his life, and found himself recapitulating his earlier work in an effort to sum up his life's contribution to music.
An invaluble contribution to our understanding of the supreme maestro.

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Rob Hyman (track 14)
Cyndi Lauper (track 14)
instrumental cover recording of:
Time After Time (track 14)

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