# Title Artist Rating Length


Omar Hammer (track 7)
Jason Kay (track 5)
George Michael (track 13)
Rod Temperton (track 9)
Omar Hammer (track 7)
George Michael (track 13)
Matt Aitken (track 4)
Carleen Anderson (track 6)
Derek Bramble (track 10)
Carl McIntosh (track 8)
Bob Carter (keyboardist for Linx) (track 3)
Nellee Hooper (track 1)
Junior Giscombe (track 3)
Peter Maas (track 2)
Marco Nelson (track 6)
Andrew Roachford (track 11)
John Rocca (track 2)
Beresford Romeo (track 1)
Andy Stennett (track 2)
Mike Stock (songwriter with Stock Aitken Waterman) (track 4)
Andrew Lewis Taylor (track 12)
Pete Waterman (track 4)
Rose Windross (track 1)
cover recording of:
Always and Forever (track 9)
Apparently Nothin' (track 6)
Cuddly Toy (track 11)
Damn (track 12)
Don't Be a Fool (track 8)
Fairplay (track 1)
Mama Used to Say (track 3)
One More Try (track 13)
Round and Around (track 10)
Southern Freeez (track 2)

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