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guest performer:
Fabolous (track 5)
Sandy Vee (track 9)
StarGate (Norwegian production/song writing duo) (track 9)
Joel Augustin (track 8)
Alain Biamby (track 8)
D. DoRohn Gough (tracks 1, 10)
Charles Harmon (track 6)
Tor Erik Hermansen (track 9)
Rochad Holiday (track 3)
John Jackson (aka Fabolous) (track 5)
Samuel Jean (track 7)
Sixx John (track 3)
Ryan Leslie (track 5)
Reginald Perry (track 7)
Anthony Reyes (track 4)
Shaffer Smith (tracks 1–10)
Derrick White (US hip-hop producer) (track 2)
Sandy Wilhelm (French electro DJ/producer, key track "Promised Land") (track 9)
Curtis "Sauce" Wilson (US hip-hop/R&B producer) (track 3)
Jesse "Corporal" Wilson (US R&B/hip hop producer) (track 4)
Party on the Floor (Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup) by DJ Earworm (track 9)
recording of:
Beautiful Monster (track 9)
Cause I Said So (track 8)
Champagne Life (track 1)
Crazy Love (track 5)
Genuine Only (track 7)
Know Your Name (track 3)
Makin' a Movie (track 2)
One in a Million (track 6)
Telekinesis (track 4)
What Have I Done? (track 10)