Recording location: Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York NY, USA
Recording label: Columbia
Formation: Miles Davis Sextet
March 2, 1959
Miles Davis (tpt); Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (as); John Coltrane (ts); Bill Evans (p); Wynton Kelly (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d)
April 22, 1959
Same personnel, but omit Kelly

Note that Adderley is out on Blue in Green

Release history

CL 1355 is a mono pressing, while CS 8163 is stereo, as usual with Columbia.

Important Notes

Be aware that this is the original release, with off-speed three first tracks (approx 9:02 9:33 5:25).
Reissued as such on cd, it got later corrected to either the "track 1 slow fade" version (9:22 9:43 5:32, as seen in the six tracks version of this release), or as "track 1 fast fade" (9:06 9:43 5:33), as seen in the 5 tracks 1992 reissue.
The off-speed version was largely reprinted during the vinyl era and was issued at least two times on CDs in 1984 & 1987 before later reissues started correcting the off-speed, some with a slightly wrong pitch...
If you're attaching either discids or pweeds here, please be careful in the version you choose!

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 So What
A2 Freddie Freeloader
A3 Blue in Green
B1 All Blues
5 11:34
B2 Flamenco Sketches


12" Vinyl 1

Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter, bandleader, songwriter) (tracks B1–B2)
Jimmy Cobb (tracks B1–B2)
Paul Chambers (US jazz bassist) (tracks B1–B2)
alto saxophone:
Cannonball Adderley (tracks B1–B2)
Bill Evans (pianist) (tracks B1–B2)
tenor saxophone:
John Coltrane (tracks B1–B2)
Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter, bandleader, songwriter) (tracks A1–B2)
Bill Evans (pianist) (tracks A3, B2)
Blue in Green (first speed-correct stereo remix) by Miles Davis (1992) (track A3)
All Blues (2013 stereo remix) by Miles Davis (track B1)
Blue in Green (2013 stereo remix) by Miles Davis (track A3)
Flamenco Sketches (2013 stereo remix) by Miles Davis (track B2)
Freddie Freeloader (2013 stereo remix) by Miles Davis (track A2)
So What (2013 stereo remix) by Miles Davis (track A1)
is the basis for:
recording of:
All Blues (track B1)
Blue in Green (track A3)
Flamenco Sketches (track B2)
Freddie Freeloader (track A2)
So What (track A1)