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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Viola Concerto I: Andante comodo
Sir William Walton 8:53
2 Viola Concerto II: Vivo, con molto preciso
Sir William Walton 4:17
3 Viola Concerto III: Allegro moderato
Sir William Walton 12:53
4 Violin Concerto I: Andante tranquillo
Sir William Walton 11:17
5 Violin Concerto II: Presto capriccioso napolitana-Trio (Canzonetta)-Tempo I
Sir William Walton 6:36
6 Violin Concerto III: Vivace
Sir William Walton 12:51


CD 1

premiered at:
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom (1944-01-17) (tracks 4–6)
Nigel Kennedy (tracks 4–6)
Nigel Kennedy (tracks 1–3)
Sir William Walton (1929) (tracks 1–3)
Sir William Walton (1938 – 1939) (tracks 4–6)
André Previn (tracks 1–6)
revised by:
Sir William Walton (1943) (tracks 4–6)
part of:
Viola Concerto (tracks 1–3)
Violin Concerto (revised 1943) (tracks 4–6)
recording of:
Violin Concerto: I. Andante tranquillo (revised 1943) (track 4)
Violin Concerto: III. Vivace (revised 1943) (track 6)
revision of:
Violin Concerto: I. Andante tranquillo (original version, seldom performed) (track 4)
Violin Concerto: II. Presto capriccioso alla napolitana (original version, seldom performed) (track 5)
Violin Concerto: III. Vivace (original version, seldom performed) (track 6)


ASIN: UK: B000002RQT [info]