The following artists made significant vocal contributions to the album, but are generally not considered regular members of the band; therefore, they currently have the "guest" attribute flagged on their performance ARs:
LD Beghtol, Dudley Klute and Shirley Simms.

Suboptimal AR credits:
Track 2, "It's a Crime": Chris Ewen plays all instruments and provides the backing track. (Currently credit as: guest performed by Chris Ewen.)
Track 15, "Blue You": Claudia Gonson provides whistling. (Currently credited as: other vocal performed by Claudia Gonson.)

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# Title Artist Rating Length
Data Tracks


Claudia Gonson (track 10)
Chris Ewen (track 2)
Claudia Gonson (track 3)
Stephin Merritt (tracks 1–23)
guest theremin:
Chris Ewen (track 15)
guest accordion:
Daniel Handler (track 23)
guest harmonium:
LD Beghtol (track 22)
guest lead vocals:
LD Beghtol (tracks 8, 20)
Dudley Kludt (tracks 2, 15)
Shirley Simms (tracks 4, 21)
guest performer:
Chris Ewen (track 2)
lead vocals:
Claudia Gonson (tracks 5, 10, 23)
Stephin Merritt (tracks 1, 3, 6–7, 9–14, 16–19, 22)
Stephin Merritt (tracks 1–23)
other vocals:
Claudia Gonson (track 15)
Zebra by The Magnetic Fields (track 23)
recording of:
Acoustic Guitar (track 5)
Bitter Tears (track 8)
Blue You (track 15)
How to Say Goodbye (track 18)
It’s a Crime (track 2)
Meaningless (track 12)
Strange Eyes (track 21)
Two Kinds of People (track 17)
Underwear (track 1)
Xylophone Track (track 22)
Yeah! Oh, Yeah! (track 10)
Zebra (track 23)