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Package includes a piece of analog tape. The sticker on the shrink wrap stated "Includes: Rope & Walk. Recorded entirely on analog tape in Dave's garage. A piece of the original master tape is included in this package. Please play at maximum volume".

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Bridge Burning
3.35 4:47
2 Rope
4 4:19
3 Dear Rosemary
3.35 4:27
4 White Limo
2.5 3:23
5 Arlandria
3.4 4:28
6 These Days
3.35 4:59
7 Back & Forth
3.35 3:52
8 A Matter of Time
2.5 4:36
9 Miss the Misery
2.5 4:34
10 I Should Have Known
3 4:16
11 Walk
3.5 4:16


CD 1

guest violin:
Jessy Greene (track 10)
guest Mellotron:
Rami Jaffee (track 10)
guest organ:
Rami Jaffee (track 11)
guest guitar:
Bob Mould (track 3)
guest percussion:
Drew Hester (track 5)
Butch Vig (track 7)
guest keyboard:
Rami Jaffee (tracks 1–2)
guest accordion and bass guitar:
Krist Novoselic (track 10)
guest background vocals:
Fee Waybill (track 9)
guest vocals:
Bob Mould (track 3)
Dave Grohl (tracks 1–11)
Taylor Hawkins (tracks 1–11)
Nate Mendel (tracks 1–11)
Chris Shiflett (tracks 1–11)
Pat Smear (tracks 1–11)
Flying Earform Music (Foo Fighter Nate Mendel's publishing company) (tracks 1–11)
I Love the Punk Rock Music (Foo Fighter Chris Shiflett's publishing company) (tracks 1–11)
Living Under a Rock Music (Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins's publishing company) (tracks 1–11)
MJ Twelve Music (Foo Fighter Dave Grohl's publishing company) (tracks 1–11)
Ruthensmear Music (Foo Fighter Pat Smear's publishing company) (tracks 1–11)
recording of:
A Matter of Time (track 8)
Arlandria (track 5)
Back & Forth (track 7)
Bridge Burning (track 1)
Dear Rosemary (track 3)
I Should Have Known (track 10)
Miss the Misery (track 9)
Rope (track 2)
These Days (track 6)
Walk (track 11)
White Limo (track 4)


assistant engineer: John Lousteau
engineer: James Brown (indie-rock engineer James 'Razors' Brown)
mastering: Joe LaPorta (NYC mastering engineer & drum'n'bass producer)
Emily Lazar (chief mastering engineer and founder of “The Lodge”)
mixer: Alan Moulder
producer: Foo Fighters
Butch Vig
ASIN: US: B004LUHQ1G [info]
Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/2827465 [info]