Talking is the universal method of words that form the language of people. It is also the creator of thoughts and ideas. Languages identify the position of said birthplace of its citizens. Sound stimulates the newborn baby and could cause the infant to cry. Sound itself is used in endless forms of communication. Sound is neither masculine nor feminine yet the worldwide use of it is based on the order of human culture.

Sounds found in the expression of music, vocal and instrumental, are the global styles or forms such as jazz, opera, country, classical and other musical genres, all equal in the concept of ideas. Sound has a specific meaning when used in different dialects. The culture of civilization when expressed in different tongues identifies the differences.

The conclusion is that the Grammar of Sound is universal.

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Denardo Coleman (tracks 1–9)
Tony Falanga (tracks 1–9)
alto saxophone and trumpet:
Ornette Coleman (tracks 1–9)

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