Credits not added from liner:
Management: Derek Dudley
Personal Lifestyle Manager: Saunté D. Lowe
Personal Assistant: Rhea Williams
Publicity: Polaris PR
Production Manager: Cliff Feiman
Geffen Marketing Director: Tim Reid

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# Title Artist Rating Length
Data Tracks


Laura Rajanen (track 2)
Monique Spencer (track 12)
Edith Dawn Yorkley (track 12)
electric bass guitar:
Derrick Hodge (tracks 1, 3, 8, 10, 12)
Alana E. Bennett (track 12)
Zoé Cartier (track 2)
strings arranger:
Derrick Hodge (track 12)
Hannah Klein (track 2)
Dawn Smith (track 12)
Karriem Riggins (track 1)
flute and keyboard:
Omar Edwards (track 11)
Karriem Riggins (track 8)
Omar Edwards (tracks 3–4, 10, 12)
James Poyser (tracks 1, 8, 12)
keyboard and synthesizer:
Omar Edwards (tracks 2, 5–6, 8)
keyboard, piano and synthesizer:
Omar Edwards (track 12)
Brandee Younger (track 1)
additional drums:
Karriem Riggins (track 10)
additional keyboard:
James Poyser (track 10)
additional guest background vocals:
Dwele (track 3)
additional guest vocals:
Bilal (US jazz/neo-soul vocalist Bilal Oliver) (track 12)
Lonnie Lynn (rapper Common's father) (track 12)
additional producer:
J Dilla (US hip hop producer) (track 6)
additionally recorded by:
Brian Atkins (track 2)
Dave Paul (recording engineer) (tracks 4, 6)
Phil Strong (recording engineer) (track 2)
Derrick Hodge (track 1)
art direction:
co-executive producer:
Common (US rapper)
William Adams (track 5)
Bennie Benjamin (track 11)
Gloria Caldwell (track 11)
Don Covay (track 6)
George Duke (track 10)
DeVon Harris (track 11)
Derrick Hodge (track 1)
Ernie Isley (track 9)
Marvin Isley (track 9)
O'Kelly Isley, Jr. (track 9)
Ronald Isley (track 9)
Rudolph Isley (track 9)
Chris Jasper (track 9)
Michel Legrand (track 2)
Lonnie Rashid Lynn (US rapper, aka Common) (tracks 2–12)
Sol Marcus (track 11)
Gene McDaniels (track 5)
Gil Scott-Heron (track 3)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (track 12)
Soul Ekos (track 7)
Charles Stepney (track 4)
Kanye West (tracks 2–4, 6–8, 10, 12)
Stevie Wonder (track 8)
James Yancey (track 9)
Derrick Hodge (track 12)
Nigel Evan Dennis (illustration)
executive producer:
guest turntable(s):
DJ Premier (track 7)
guest background vocals:
Bilal (US jazz/neo-soul vocalist Bilal Oliver) (track 2)
Rhea Williams (track 5)
guest lead vocals:
Lily Allen (track 4)
Bilal (US jazz/neo-soul vocalist Bilal Oliver) (tracks 8, 11)
D’Angelo (US soul singer, songwriter & producer) (track 9)
Kanye West (tracks 2, 6) (track 5)
guest other vocals:
Rhea Williams (track 6)
lead vocals:
Common (US rapper) (tracks 2–12)
legal representation:
Tom Coyne (mastering engineer)
Andrew Dawson (US hip hop mix engineer) (tracks 1, 9, 12)
Mike Dean (US "dirty south" hip-hop producer & mix engineer) (tracks 2–3, 6–8, 10–11)
Jimmy Douglass (track 4)
Dylan Dresdow (track 5)
J Dilla (US hip hop producer) (track 9)
Devo Springsteen (track 11)
Kanye West (tracks 2–4, 6–8, 10, 12) (track 5)
recorded by:
Neil Baldock (tracks 4, 6)
Andrew Dawson (US hip hop mix engineer) (tracks 1–3, 6–12)
Padraic Kerin (track 5)
Anthony Kilhoffer (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8–11) (track 5)
Black Maybe by Syreeta (track 8)
Long Red by Mountain (track 3)
She's Leaving Home by Syreeta (track 12)
Someday by George Duke (track 10)
Tezeta by Sèyfou Yohannès (track 7)
The Corner by Common (track 7)
recording of:
Break My Heart (track 10)
Drivin' Me Wild (track 4)
Forever Begins (track 12)
I Want You (track 5)
Intro (track 1)
Misunderstood (track 11)
So Far to Go (track 9)
Southside (track 6)
Start the Show (track 2)
The Game (track 7)
The People (track 3)
U, Black Maybe (track 8)

Release Group Relationships

artist & repertoire support: Don C (A&R for G.O.O.D. Music)
Mike Chavez
Alicia N. Graham
creative direction: Hylah Hedgepeth
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