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Beastie Boys (tracks 2, 4)
Beastie Boys (tracks 2–5, 7–10, 13–14)
Mario Caldato Jr. (track 10)
Michael Diamond (aka Mike D of the Beastie Boys) (tracks 1, 14)
The Dust Brothers (production duo John King & Mike Simpson) (tracks 5, 9)
Adam Horovitz (tracks 1, 14)
Rick Rubin (tracks 2, 4)
Adam Yauch (tracks 1, 14)
contains samples by:
Les Baxter (track 10)
Mario Caldato Jr. (tracks 1, 6, 8, 11)
Steve Ett (tracks 2, 4)
guest electric guitar:
Kerry King (track 4)
Beastie Boys (tracks 2, 4)
Michael Diamond (aka Mike D of the Beastie Boys) (track 1)
Adam Horovitz (track 1)
Rick Rubin (tracks 2, 4)
Adam Yauch (track 1)
Howie Weinberg (tracks 2, 4)
Beastie Boys (tracks 1, 5–6, 8–9, 11)
Mario Caldato Jr. (tracks 1, 6)
The Dust Brothers (production duo John King & Mike Simpson) (tracks 5, 9)
Rick Rubin (tracks 2, 4)
Fatboy Slim (track 12)
additionally sampled by:
Funky Shit by The Prodigy (track 8)
Ladies Do Love Me by dj BC (track 5)
Pass the Glory by Psycosis (track 6)
Sure Shot Around by Psycosis (track 11)
Triple Take by McSleazy (track 13)
remaster of:
Sabotage by Beastie Boys (track 14)
Root Down by Beastie Boys (track 8)
sampled by:
Cisco Kid by Sublime (track 9)
Come Again by The Kleptones (track 4)
E‐Pro by Beck (track 1)
Jump on Stage by Girl Talk (track 5)
Make Me Wanna by Girl Talk (track 8)
Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet (track 5)
Big Take Over by Bad Brains (track 6)
Bring It Here by Wild Sugar (track 2)
Good Times Bad Times (original studio master) by Led Zeppelin (track 9)
Holy Ghost by The Bar-Kays (track 5)
Machine Gun by Commodores (track 5)
Party Time by Kurtis Blow (track 5)
Shake Your Pants by Cameo (track 5)
So Ruff, So Tuff by Roger (track 5)
Yo Yo by Rose Royce (track 9)
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recording of:
Brass Monkey (track 2)
Ch-Check It Out (track 3)
Hey Ladies (track 5)
Intergalactic (track 10)
Root Down (track 8)
Sabotage (track 14)
Shake Your Rump (track 9)
So What'cha Want (track 1)
Triple Trouble (track 13)

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