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下村陽子 (tracks 1.1–2.19)
下村陽子 (tracks 1.1–2.19)
lead vocals:
Shãni Rigsbee (track 2.14)
下村陽子 (tracks 2.14, 2.19)
soprano vocals:
Judith Siirila (tracks 2.18–2.19)
Raul Ferrando (track 2.14)
recording of:
A Piece of Remain (Parasite Eve) (track 2.7)
Across the View (Parasite Eve) (track 2.5)
Arise Within You (Parasite Eve) (track 1.9)
Consensus (Parasite Eve) (track 2.15)
Escape From U.B. (Parasite Eve) (track 2.10)
Femmes Fatales (Parasite Eve) (track 2.6)
Force Trail (Parasite Eve) (track 1.24)
Gloom and Doom (Parasite Eve) (track 1.6)
I Hear a Voice Calling Me to Awaken (Parasite Eve) (track 2.13)
Influence of Deep (Parasite Eve) (track 1.16)
Influence of Deep (CM version) (Parasite Eve) (track 2.18)
Kyrie (Parasite Eve) (track 2.4)
Main Theme (Parasite Eve) (track 2.11)
Main Theme (Piano Solo version) (Parasite Eve) (track 1.10)
Main Theme (orchestral version) (Parasite Eve) (track 2.17)
Matrix (Parasite Eve) (track 2.1)
Memorize of "Aya and Eve" (Parasite Eve) (track 1.12)
Memory I (Parasite Eve) (track 1.5)
Memory II (Parasite Eve) (track 1.23)
Memory III (Parasite Eve) (track 1.26)
Missing Perspective (Parasite Eve) (track 1.22)
Musica Mundana (Parasite Eve) (track 2.8)
Mystery Notes (Parasite Eve) (track 1.15)
Out of Phase (Parasite Eve) (track 1.13)
Overture (From Opera "La mia verita") (Parasite Eve) (track 1.3)
Phrase of Aya (Parasite Eve) (track 1.17)
Phrase of Eve (Parasite Eve) (track 1.25)
Phrase of Mitochondoria (Parasite Eve) (track 1.18)
Plosive Attack (Parasite Eve) (track 1.21)
Primal Eyes (Parasite Eve) (track 1.1)
Se Il mio amore sta vincino (CM version) (Parasite Eve) (track 2.19)
Somnia Memorias (Parasite Eve) (track 2.14)
Sotto Voce (Parasite Eve) (track 1.8)
The Omission of the World (Parasite Eve) (track 2.2)
The Surface of the Water (Parasite Eve) (track 1.11)
Theme of Aya (Parasite Eve) (track 1.19)
Theme of Aya (reprise) (Parasite Eve) (track 2.12)
Theme of Mitochondoria (Parasite Eve) (track 1.7)
U.B. (Parasite Eve) (track 2.9)
Under the Progress (Parasite Eve) (track 1.20)
Urban Noise (Parasite Eve) (track 1.14)
Waiting for Something Awakens (Parasite Eve) (track 1.2)
Wheel of Fortune (Parasite Eve) (track 2.3)

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