Label: Sire Records - Catalog #: 25442
610.7081, WX 54C; Amiga Records - Catalog # 8 56 288?

This her third album its original release with 9 tracks was dedicated to now former husband 'Sean Penn' & released on June 30th, 1986. Later that year, 'True Blue' received a Juno Award for 'Best International Album'.

In 2001 the album was remastered and contained 2 bonus tracks, 'True Blue (color mix)' & 'La Isla Bonita (extended remix)'.

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# Title Artist Rating Length
Data Tracks


Jonathan Moffett (track 4)
drums programming:
Patrick Leonard (track 4)
Patrick Leonard (track 4)
Bruce Gaitsch (track 4)
additional lyricist:
Brian Elliot (singer/songwriter, also wrote "Papa Don't Preach") (track 1)
Brian Elliot (singer/songwriter, also wrote "Papa Don't Preach") (track 1)
Michael Verdick (track 4)
Stephen Bray (track 1)
Patrick Leonard (track 4)
Madonna (tracks 1, 4)
Madonna (track 4)
Stephen Bray (track 6)
Gardner Cole (track 2)
Bruce Gaitsch (track 7)
Patrick Leonard (tracks 4, 7)
Madonna (track 6)
Peter Rafelson (track 2)
Jimmy Jimmy (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 8)
La Isla Bonita (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 7)
La Isla Bonita (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 7)
Live to Tell (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 4)
Live to Tell (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 4)
Love Makes the World Go Round (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 9)
Open Your Heart (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 2)
Papa Don't Preach (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 1)
Papa Don't Preach (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 1)
True Blue (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 6)
Where's the Party (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 5)
White Heat (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 3)
La isla bonita (extended remix) (2001 remaster) by Madonna (track 7)
Open Your Heart (Ultimix version) by Madonna (track 2)
Where’s the Party (part of You Can Dance mix) by Madonna (track 5)
sampled by:
Last Night by Kanye West (track 7)
remastered versions:
recording of:
Jimmy Jimmy (track 8)
La Isla Bonita (track 7)
Live to Tell (track 4)
Open Your Heart (track 2)
Papa Don't Preach (track 1)
True Blue (track 6)
Where's the Party (track 5)
White Heat (track 3)