"This album is dedicated to 'The Pope,' my divine inspiration."

Multiple platinum album that was released as a "Best of" compilation in 1990 with 2 tracks that were yet to be released as singles.
Listed by the BPI as the 10th biggest selling album in the UK ever.

Tracks 1-15 mixed in Q-sound.
Iconic sleeve design by Jeri and John Heiden.

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# Title Artist Rating Length
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additional lyricist:
Stephen Bray (track 7)
Brian Elliot (singer/songwriter, also wrote "Papa Don't Preach") (track 9)
Lenny Kravitz (track 16)
Jon Lind (track 6)
Reggie Lucas (track 3)
John Bettis (track 6)
Ingrid Chavez (track 16)
Brian Elliot (singer/songwriter, also wrote "Papa Don't Preach") (track 9)
Lenny Kravitz (track 16)
Reggie Lucas (track 3)
Michael Hutchinson (track 14)
Shep Pettibone (track 14)
Stephen Bray (tracks 7, 9, 13)
Lenny Kravitz (track 16)
Patrick Leonard (tracks 8, 10–12, 14)
Reggie Lucas (tracks 2–3)
Madonna (tracks 7–15, 17)
Shep Pettibone (tracks 15, 17)
Nile Rodgers (tracks 4–5)
Stephen Bray (track 13)
Peter Brown (Miami disco artist/songwriter, "Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me") (track 5)
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (tracks 8, 10–15, 17)
Gardner Cole (track 10)
Bruce Gaitsch (track 11)
Curtis Hudson (track 1)
Tom Kelly (track 4)
Patrick Leonard (tracks 8, 11–12, 14)
Shep Pettibone (tracks 15, 17)
Peter Rafelson (track 10)
Robert Rans (track 5)
Billy Steinberg (track 4)
Lisa Stevens (track 1)
Cherish (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 14)
Crazy for You (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 6)
Like a Virgin (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 4)
Lucky Star (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 2)
Vogue (2009 Celebration remaster) by Madonna (track 15)
remix of:
Crazy for You (soundtrack version) by Madonna (track 6)
sampled by:
Justify My Thug by Jay-Z (track 16)
supporting releases:
recording of:
Borderline (track 3)
Cherish (track 14)
Crazy for You (track 6)
Express Yourself (track 13)
Holiday (track 1)
Into the Groove (track 7)
Justify My Love (track 16)
La Isla Bonita (track 11)
Like a Prayer (track 12)
Like a Virgin (track 4)
Live to Tell (track 8)
Lucky Star (track 2)
Material Girl (track 5)
Open Your Heart (track 10)
Papa Don't Preach (track 9)
Rescue Me (track 17)
Vogue (track 15)