Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Modern Gang Reader / Larkin Ativin 7" Vinyl 2 SC3
Songs: Ohia Songs: Ohia CD 13 SC 004
Bob's Bacon Barn The Japonize Elephants CD 15 SC 005
Hecla & Griper Songs: Ohia CD 8 SC 008
Impala Songs: Ohia CD 13 SC 017
The Enchanted Forest Suzanne Langille with Loren MazzaCane Connors CD 15 SC 018
The Christine EP Simon Joyner 12" Vinyl 5 SC21
The Ghost Songs: Ohia CD 10 SC 027
Axxess & Ace Songs: Ohia CD 9 SC 024
Today It's You Marmoset CD 20
The Lioness Songs: Ohia CD 9 SC30 656605003023
The Unaccompanied Voice: An A Cappella Compilation Various Artists CD 24 SC007 656605000725
1987-1989 Suzanne Langille and Loren MazzaCane Connors CD 7 SC 034
Ghost Tropic Songs: Ohia CD 8 SC 040
Protection Spells Songs: Ohia CD 9 SC 037
More Songs From the Mellow Struggle Swearing at Motorists CD 14 SC 29
Number Seven Uptown Swearing at Motorists CD 15 SC 32
Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha) Danielson Famile CD 13 SC43 656605004327
Lungs for the Race Havergal CD 10 SC 028
Fetch the Compass Kids Danielson Famile CD 12 SC45 656605004525
Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Choppin Block Danielson Famile CD 12 SC42 [none]
Tri-Danielson!!! (Omega) Danielson Famile CD 14 SC44 656605004426
The Burnt Orange Heresy Swearing at Motorists CD 8 SC 47
Record in Red Marmoset CD 13
In the Grips of the Light Racebannon CD 8 SC63
The Gray Tower Songs: Ohia CD 2 SC 072
Robespierre's Velvet Basement The Jacobites 2×CD 13 + 14
Didn't It Rain Songs: Ohia CD 7 SC 065
A Prayer for Every Hour Danielson Famile CD 24 SC41 [none]
Baby's Breadth June Panic CD 14 SC050
Along the Inclined Plane Swearing at Motorists CD 7 SC 074
This Flag Signals Goodbye Swearing at Motorists CD 14 SC 68 656605006826
Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In Racebannon CD 7 SC79
The Magnolia Electric Co. Songs: Ohia CD 8 SC 076
Where Shall You Take Me? Damien Jurado CD 10 SC 084
The Magnolia Electric Co. Songs: Ohia 2×CD 8 + 9 SC76
The Magnolia Electric Co. Songs: Ohia 12" Vinyl + CD 8 + 9 SC 076 LP 656605007618
Jorma Whittaker Jorma Whittaker CD 13 SC082
I Am Scout Niblett CD 13 SC080
We Like It Wild The Impossible Shapes CD 14 SC 085
Pyramid Electric Co Jason Molina CD 7 SC83
Maple Leaves Jens Lekman CD 4 SC070
Rocky Dennis EP Jens Lekman CD 4 SC101 656605010120
Elettricita Havergal CD 10 SC 091
Brother Is to Son Br. Danielson CD 10 SC66 [none]
Antony and the Johnsons Antony and the Johnsons CD 9 SC104CD 656605010427
You Are the Light Jens Lekman CD 5 SC106
We Fight Til Death Windsor for the Derby CD 10 SC110
When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog Jens Lekman CD 11 SC107 656605010724
Treasure Island Nikki Sudden CD 14 SC077