Beatservice Records (established 10 October 1994 in Tromsø, Norway) is a Norwegian record label releasing electronic music. It was initiated by Vidar Hanssen who was dj'ing for a local student radio with the program The Beatservice Radio Show at the time. Beatservice Records have released music ranging from minimalistic ambient via house and experimental techno to drum and bass. The label was an important factor in the mid-to-late 1990s popularity of the Tromsø based electronic music scene, both in Norway and elsewhere.

It has released music by artists such as Biosphere, Aedena Cycle, Kolar Goi, Flunk, Ralph Myerz, Xploding Plastix, Teebee, Sternklang, Kim Hiorthøy, Howard Maple, Bjørn Torske and Frost.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
TOS.CD - Tromsø Techno 1994 Various Artists CD 14 BSCD001 7044170450121
Peace Machinery Electrip-C CD 11 BSCD002
Elektrical Aktivity Mind over MIDI CD 12 BSCD012
Albite Aedena Cycle CD 12 BSCD013 5709498200699
Freestylespacefunk Sternklang CD 12 BSCD014 5709498200828
Arctic Circles: A Selection of Sub Zero Soundscapes Various Artists CD 12 BSCD015 5709498200835
ICE Acoustik Mind over MIDI CD 10 BSCD016 5709498200910
Digits Motion Control CD 9 BSCD017 5709498200927
The Beatservice EP Collection Various Artists CD 9 BSCD011 5709498201016
Dusty & Dirty Thangz, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 12 BSCD020 5709498201047
Artifacts Information CD 9 BSCD019 5709498201030
ICE Live Mind over MIDI CD 5 BSMOM9801
Biosystems: The Biosphere Remixes Biosphere CD 8 BSCD022 5709498201177
Black Science Teebee & K CD 11 BSCD021 5709498201160
Cargo Cult Aedena Cycle CD 10 BSCD024 5709498201535
Neolounge Sternklang CD 12 BSCD023 5709498201184
Divergent Circular CD 18 BSCD026
Arctic Circles 2 Various Artists CD 14 BSCD025
Video Bambino Upper Rooms CD 10 BSCD032 7035538881817
Prima Norsk Various Artists CD 10 BSCD034 7035538881855
Groove Tool Motion Control CD 12 BSCD029
Successor Information CD 99 BSCD030 5709498201740
Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents Xploding Plastix CD 14 BSCD038 7035538881886
Project 3 Mind over MIDI CD 13 BSCD040 7035538881978
Arctic Circles 3 Various Artists CD 16 BSCD043 7035538882029
High Above Kyd & Kango CD 7 BSCD046 7035538882081
Behind the Eightball Xploding Plastix CD 7 BSCDEP041 7035538882104
Doubletalk EP Xploding Plastix 12" Vinyl 4 BSUS003
Hi-Fi Sounds for Young Norwegians Slowpho CD 11 BS047CD
Blue Monday Flunk CD 3 BS053CDS
For Sleepyheads Only Flunk CD 12 BS051CD 7035538882326
Shenzhou Biosphere CD 12 BS057CD 7035538882463
Friendly Selection, Volume 1: Lucid Voices and Lazy Beats Various Artists CD 15 BS052CD
Hotel Sleep Slowpho 12" Vinyl 4 BS048 7035538882302
Athome Project Athome Project CD 11 BS059CD 7035538884054
Athome Project (Remix) Athome Project CD 2 BS059CD 7035538884054
Treat Me Like You Do: For Sleepyheads Only Remixed Flunk CD 11 BS063CD 7035538884214
Statement Mind over MIDI CD 12 BS050CD 7035538884436
Kolar Goi Kolar Goi CD 10 BS060CD 7035538884078
Prima Norsk 2: Groovy Norwegian House Music Various Artists CD 12 BS061CD
Cordion Cordion CD 13 BS062CD 7035538884153
Flipstick EP Elektrofant CD 6 BS064CDEP 7035538884245
Summer Flirt Slowpho CD 8 BS065CD
Mapleism Howard Maple CD 13 BS066CD 7035538884313
Blue Nights in Oslo Cinque Cento 12" Vinyl 6 BS068 7035538884450
Tomorrow Is All Like Flowers AM and the UV CD 4 BS069CD
Silently The Birds Fly Through Us AM and the UV CD 4 BS070CD
Biosystems: The Biosphere Remixes Biosphere CD 8 BSCD022
Wørk! Elektrofant CD 10 BS073CD 7035538884498
Time Fenomenon CD 5 BS075CD
On My Balcony Flunk CD 2 BS081CD
Autour de la Lune Biosphere CD 9 BS082CD 7035538884764
Candy Thunder AM and the UV CD 11 BS072CD
Beatservice Jukebox: Best of Beatservice Remixes Various Artists 2×CD 17 + 15 BS080DCD 7035538884955
2 1/2 Slowpho CD 12 BS071CD
Morning Star Flunk CD 9 BS074CD 7035538884658
Hourglass Fenomenon CD 10 BS077CD 7035538884672
Lake Shore Drive Cinque Cento CD 10 BS079CD
Play America Flunk CD 10 BS085CD 7035538884986
Warlords Rising Future Prophecies CD 11 BS088CD 7035538885105
Silencer Svalastog CD 11 BS087CD
Prima Norsk 3: The Space Disco Edition Various Artists CD 14 BS078CD 7035538885174
In Stereo Fenomenon CD 10
Dropsonde Biosphere CD 11 BS083CD 7035538885198
Monopoly Mind over MIDI CD 20 BS093CD 7035538885358
Motifs Cordion CD 10 BS090CD
Kexp Live Sessions Flunk Digital Media 4 BS095 [none]
Pacific Memories: The Early Tapes Fenomenon CD 12 BS094CD
Sit Down Flunk Digital Media 1
Personal Stereo Flunk CD 10 BS097CD 7035538885709
Reasons To Sway Sketch Digital Media 6 BS099DA
Rune Lindbæk's N-Disko Mix Rune Lindbæk CD 11 BS098CD
Abeyance Vol 1 Sketch Digital Media 6 BS102DA
Abeyance Vol 2 Sketch Digital Media 10 BS103DA
Patashnik Biosphere CD 12 BS106CD 7035538885822
Democracy (Personal Stereo Versions) Flunk Digital Media 19 BS104 [none]
Democracy (Personal Stereo Versions) Flunk CD 16 BS104CD 7035538885952
Microgravity Biosphere CD 9 BS105CD 7035538885815
Insomnia: No Peace for the Wicked Biosphere CD 17 BS107CD 7035538885839
Treated Timber Resists Rot Xploding Plastix CD 12 BS111CD 7035538886157
Ralphorama! - Appetite 4 Selfdestruction Ralph Myerz CD 20 BS109CD 7035538886003
Common Sense Flunk Digital Media 2 BS114DS [none]
If You'll Be Null, I'll Be Void The Electones CD 14 BS113CD 7035538886386
This Is What You Get Flunk CD 11 BS116CD 7035538886447
Devious Dan EP Xploding Plastix Digital Media 6 BS119
Make Fire Kohib CD 12 BS021CD 7035538886713
Frisvold & Lindbæk: Diskoism Various Artists CD 11 BS123CD 7035538886959
Towlines Metamorfózy Digital Media 4 BS127 7035538887116
Fenomenon Fenomenon CD 9 BS132CD 7035538887819
Decasia Metamorfózy CD 11 BS126CD
Lost Causes Flunk CD 10 BS144CD 7035538889240
Athome Project Athome Project 2×CD 11 + 2