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Adding Jamendo releases

If you add a Jamendo release to MusicBrainz please provide the following information (example):

  • Set the release label to Jamendo, with the Jamendo ID of the release as catalog number (that's the number in the URL, with the 'a' removed -- e.g. http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a4432/bunker-demo is '4432')
  • Set the release country to Worldwide. Select None for packaging. Check the box that indicates the release has no barcode.
  • On the tracklist tab, use Digital Media as the format.
  • Add a 'free download' relationship to the release: copy-paste the Jamendo URL and paste it into the box on the 'Relate to URL' page; 'free download' should be automatically selected and the language code ('en', 'fr', etc.) should be removed.
  • Upload the cover art from Jamendo to the Cover Art Archive (see below)
  • Ideally, set the license URL (see below -- proceed with caution)

Cover Art

Cover art from Jamendo can be uploaded to the Cover Art Archive, using the release Cover Art tab. The most difficult portion of this is finding the original image uploaded to Jamendo, rather than the autogenerated thumbnails (note that sometimes the original is actually smaller, but still preferred as the larger thumbnails are automatically upscaled, and therefore no better quality).

The format for the image URL for the original-size image is:

Alternatively, if you can find the URL of a thumbnail image, you can simply edit the URL changing e.g. '1.200.jpg' to '1.0.jpg' in order to find the original image.

When you upload cover art, please include the source image URL in the edit note. If the Jamendo artwork is particularly small (especially smaller than 250x250 pixels), you may consider searching elsewhere for a larger image to upload instead (but don't use Jamendo's autogenerated thumbnails).


For experienced editors

The license of the music can be linked using the 'license' relationship type. Jamendo typically lists a license for each recording individually (in the download popup, that I've found, but it may be elsewhere/somewhere within their API as well), but they're often the same for every recording on a given release. Please ensure that you have the exactly correct license URL!

Additionally, please do not edit URL relationships for licenses unless you know what you're doing. Without being careful it's possible to change the license URL for a large number of releases accidentally; seek help or do not add a license if you're not 100% sure. It is possible to automate the process of adding licenses so long as releases are not removed from the site, and a bot will make fewer mistakes in most common cases!

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Jamendo is a music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. It bills itself as "the world's largest digital service for free music".

Jamendo was originally introduced as a service for releasing music under the Creative Commons licenses. As of October, 2015, Jamendo no longer advertises its music as Creative Commons but rather free to play and download for personal use. The goal of Jamendo is to be the link between artists who want to share their music and audiences around the world, both private and professional.

At the center of Jamendo is an economic model that grants free music downloads for web users, while at the same time providing revenue opportunities for artists through commercial uses, via the music licensing platform Jamendo Licensing which sells licenses for music synchronization and background music.

Based in Luxembourg, the website has a community of over 2 million members.

At the end of 2013, the catalog offered over 400,000 tracks by 30,000 artists from 150 countries. As of January 2015, the Jamendo homepage shows a count of 460,000 tracks available, and a total of 250+ million downloads since the launch of the platform. The site is available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish.

The name "Jamendo" is derived from a fusion of two musical terms: "jam session" and "crescendo".

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Pouce ! David TMX Digital Media 18 31
Premiers Jets TriFace Digital Media 5 24 [none]
Mind Asylum Skaut Digital Media 3 25
3 saucisses dans une bulle TriFace Digital Media 8 28 [none]
Echo lali Echo lali Digital Media 7 29
Simple exercice Both Digital Media 7 33
Les Mondes parallèles David TMX Digital Media 21 34
The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share. Various Artists Digital Media 13 35 [none]
Les Temps modernes Ehma Digital Media 10 42
Argh ! David TMX Digital Media 24 48
4 Torp Digital Media 7 53 [none]
Par cœur Sylvain Piron Digital Media 12 373 [none]
Préambule Fenêtres Ouvertes Digital Media 10 91
La plage de Blâne-est Ehma Digital Media 15 94
Rock My Reality P.O.BOX Digital Media 7 96
There's Nothing Impossible Deus Digital Media 8 103
Kristof Kristof Digital Media 4 102 [none]
Pièces Lonah Digital Media 12 116
The Headtrance Session Inborn Digital Media 7 120
Gina Artworth Gina Artworth Digital Media 6 121
Tryad Demo (Public Domain) Tryad Digital Media 4 126
First Thrills Bluster Digital Media 5 129
Ton jour viendra Bézèd'H Digital Media 11 135
En attendant d'aller sur Mars... Both Digital Media 9 174
Les cent ciels Bézèd'H Digital Media 4 133
Devenir papillon Bézèd'H Digital Media 1 137
Megagagga LUXUS Digital Media 19 140
A Fart in Your General Direction LUXUS Digital Media 22 141
Binary Mind Binary Mind 2×Digital Media 6 + 8 146, 253
Libre Abdou Day Digital Media 13 175
May Alexander Blu Digital Media 13 149
[GO:MACHE] [GO:MACHE] Digital Media 6 167
Religionnaire I Religionnaire Digital Media 9 173
Ben... Mon cochon !! Rouler Pinder Digital Media 11 172
15 courts-métrages Ehma Digital Media 15 179
Religionnaire II Religionnaire Digital Media 9 180
Expédition vers l'intérieur ...anabase* Digital Media 6 184
C'était l'homme Echo lali Digital Media 11 185
Sensation electronique Saelynh Digital Media 18 193
Hausarbeit Talking Cure Digital Media 12 196
Always Beating L'Onomatopeur Digital Media 12 204
Thanks for the Biscuits Pol B & Binarymind Digital Media 12 205
Les Murailles d'Ismar Ehma Digital Media 10 222
Wood Greg Baumont Digital Media 9 347
Nouvelles Shortstories Manuzik Digital Media 7 327
Metamorphoses Happy House Digital Media 5 335
TBLS Thierry Blanchard Digital Media 7 350
Quiet Life, Volume 1 David Schombert Digital Media 8 362 [none]
Quiet Life, Volume 2 David Schombert Digital Media 7 363 [none]
¡Si hay! Guarapita Digital Media 11 367