Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
The Roaring Mechanism PEE 12" Vinyl 10 AK-001
Baby Got Away Virginia Dare CD 13 AK002
Ilium Telegraph Melts CD 6 AK004 653225000425
To the Innocent Thingy CD 19 AK003 653225000326
Kiss Without Makeup Franklin Bruno CD 14 AK005
Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker! Optiganally Yours CD 15 AK010 553225001029
The Autopilot Knows You Best The Places CD 11 AK011 653225001125
The Coroner's Gambit The Mountain Goats CD 16 AK012 653225001224
It's Winter Here The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up CD 8 AK008 653225000821
Velodrome Eltro CD 11 AK015 653225001521
The Swords Project The Swords Project CD 4 AK013 653225001323
Martial Arts Weekend The Extra Glenns CD 12 AK017 653225001729
Knife Play Xiu Xiu CD 11
Chapel of the Chimes Xiu Xiu CD 5 AK023 653225002320
Practical Wireless Jack Hayter CD 12
Some Voices Pinback CD 4 AK020
Homemade Drugs The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up CD 9 AK022
Information Changer Eltro CD 7 AK014
History Will Absolve Us Eltro CD 7
Summer at Shatter Creek Summer at Shatter Creek CD 9 AK024
The Meadowlands The Wrens CD 17 AK009A
My Room Is a Mess Rob Crow CD 18 AK029
Submariner The Dead Science CD 10 AK033
The Meadowlands The Wrens CD 13 AK009 653225000920
Past and Present Futurists Eltro CD 9 AK026
Ego Scriptor Frog Eyes CD 11 AK035 653225003525
Dead Diamond River The Court & Spark CD 5 AK038
From Gutter With Love Pidgeon CD 16 AK041 653225004126
From Gutter With Love Pidgeon Digital Media 16 AK041
Witch Season The Court & Spark CD 12 AK040
The Arms of His Ill The Hidden Cameras 10" Vinyl 7 AK037
The Folded Palm Frog Eyes CD 13 AK043 653225004324
In the Food Chain Jukeboxer CD 11 AK042
Bird Bones in the Bughouse The Dead Science CD 5 AK044
The Arms of His "Ill": 4-Track Demos The Hidden Cameras CD 8 AK037 653225003723
Shpilkes Various Artists CD-R 21 [none]
Low Road Okay CD 11 AK039 653225003921
High Road Okay CD 11 AK045 653225004522
In Love With The Dudley Corporation The Dudley Corporation CD 14 AK048
Picks Us Apart The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up CD 11 AK046
Geography Cones Get Him Eat Him CD 12 AK 052 [none]
Holiday Machine Bottom of the Hudson CD 6 AK054
Bagged and Boarded Goblin Cock CD 14 AK034
Frost Giant The Dead Science CD 9 AK050 653225005024
The White Belt Is Not Enough Moggs CD 11 AK049
Chosen Various Artists CD 23 [none]
No Tsuris Various Artists CD-R 20 [none]
No Tsuris Various Artists CD-R 20 [none]
Jeffrey Hyman Was a Ramone Various Artists CD-R 23 [none]
Dear John Ex-Boyfriends CD 11 AK055 653225005529