Lookout Records was an independent record label, initially based in Laytonville, California and later in Berkeley, focusing on punk rock. Established in 1987, the label is best known for having released the seminal album of Operation Ivy and the first two albums by platinum-selling punk artists Green Day and for having pioneered the American pop-punk sound of the 1990s.

Following the departure of co-founder Larry Livermore in 1997, new ownership took the company in new sonic directions from its trademark "East Bay sound" but proved unable to match the label's early success. In 2005 the label ran into financial difficulties after several high profile artists rescinded the rights to their Lookout! Records material. After a period of rapid contraction the label slowly expired, terminating operations and removing its music from online distribution channels early in 2012.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Sleep, What's That? Crimpshrine (unknown) 4
Hectic E.P. Operation Ivy 7" Vinyl 6 3
Ovary Action Yeastie Girlz 7" Vinyl 10 Lookout 009
The Thing That Ate Floyd Various Artists 2×12" Vinyl 17 + 17 Lookout 011 [none]
Night Shift at the Thrill Factory The Mr. T Experience CD 22 Lookout #144CD 763361014429
Plaid Retina Plaid Retina 7" Vinyl 12 Lookout 7 [none]
1,000 Hours Green Day 7" Vinyl 4 Lookout 017
Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood The Mr. T Experience CD 31 LK145CD 763361014528
It's a Girl! Sweet Baby CD 13 LK-157 763361015723
Energy Operation Ivy 12" Vinyl 19 Lookout 010
39/Smooth Green Day 12" Vinyl 10 Lookout 022
Karin Cringer 7" Vinyl 4 Lookout 025
Slappy EP Green Day 7" Vinyl 4 Lookout 035
Lumberjack Days Brent's T.V. 7" Vinyl 7 Lookout 036
The Word as Law Neurosis CD 15 LOOKOUT 21CD 763361002129
Making Things With Light The Mr. T Experience CD 22 Lookout 37CD 763361003720
The Word as Law Neurosis 12" Vinyl 8 Lookout No. 21 763361902115
I Am Samiam 7" Vinyl 4
1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Green Day CD 19 Lookout 022CD 763361002228
Operation Ivy Operation Ivy CD 27 Lookout 010CD 763361001023
Boogadaboogadaboogada Screeching Weasel CD 26 #62 763361006226
1979-1989 The Business (unknown) 20 BL-9CD
Kerplunk! Green Day 12" Vinyl 12 Lookout 046
Kerplunk! Green Day CD 16 Lookout #46CD 763361004628
Rancid Rancid Vinyl 5
Swain's First Bike Ride Fifteen CD 14 Lookout 040
Various Shits - Can of Pork Various Artists CD 29 #44
Disposable Dream / Flesh & Blood II Citizen Fish 7" Vinyl 2 Lookout 060
Deflowered Pansy Division CD 15 Lookout 087CD
Can of Pork Various Artists 2×12" Vinyl 15 + 14 Lookout #44
Milk Milk Lemonade The Mr. T Experience CD 15 Lookout 49CD 763361004925
Sanitized Monsula Vinyl 23 LT0460LP
Love Songs for the Retarded The Queers CD 16 LK66 CD
...and the Women Who Love Them The Mr. T Experience CD 7 106CD 763361010629
Undressed Pansy Division CD 13 70
You Broke My Fucking Heart Screeching Weasel 7" Vinyl 4 75 [none]
Our Bodies Our Selves The Mr. T Experience CD 16 Lookout 80 763361008022
Satiate Avail CD 14 Lookout 82
The Choice of a New Generation Fifteen CD 12 Lookout 065
Grow Up The Queers CD 12 LK-090 763361009029
Beat Off The Queers CD 12 Lk 0081CD 763361008121
Jump Salty Pinhead Gunpowder CD 12 Lookout #105 763361910523
Dixie Avail CD 12
Fuck You, This Is Rice Rice CD 17 LK093 CD
The Exciting Sounds Of Model Road Racing The Phantom Surfers CD 14 LK183 763361018328
Rocks in My Head The Vindictives 7" Vinyl 4 Lookout 089 [none]
I Wanna Be Billie Joe Wat Tyler 7" Vinyl 5 LOOKOUT 84 [none]
Born in the Basement Groovie Ghoulies CD 14
Surf Goddess EP The Queers CD 4
Pile Up Pansy Division CD 20