SongKong Tagger



SongKong is a new tagger designed to easily fix your songs from MusicBrainz using metadata and AcoustIDs.

Simply select the folder of the songs you want to fix and then select Fix Songs. SongKong searches online Music Databases to match your songs and updates your songs with the correct information from the databases. There is no limit to how many songs you can fix, you can simply select the parent folder of all your songs if you want to fix all in one go. If SongKong has changed your files and you don't like the results, you can revert changes at any time. All changes are stored in SongKong's internal database so simply start SongKong and select the folder (or sub folder) you modified and select Undo Changes Made .

You can also set SongKong to watch a folder and automatically fix songs added to that folder. SongKong can also easily find duplicate songs in your collection with the Delete Duplicate Songs option. After every action has completed a detailed report is generated containing details of everything that has been changed, SongKong is available for OSX, Windows and Linux.


The unlimited time evaluation license lets you try SongKong on as many songs as you like and see the results, but the chnages are not saved until you have a full license. On purchase you will receive an activation code which entitles you for free updates and support for life.

Summary of features:


SongKong is not an official MusicBrainz product. Support for this product is available at Support

Further Information

SongKong is part of the Tagger Affiliate Program.